Episode 2:The Chrome Wars

So Microsoft announced a nifty looking Internet Explorer 8.0 while Google announceds

a browser called Chrome. Here is a screenshot .So many new browsers and so little time.

This is inspite of the 10 % share of Mozilla Firefox,

Opera , and Apple’s Safari. An a huge percentage that still sticks to IE 6.0

Apparently earlier this year Microsoft did close some of it’s web sections only to Internet

Explorer like Office Live for Small Businesses.

Why companies continue to invest huge resources to essentially a freeware has more to do with their strategic insecurities (despite existing legal precedents against Microsoft for the anti trust explorer bundling). We wonder if they can stop wasting money there, and give the cash back to us customers.

Every time a new browser gets released webmasters end up checking for functionality.

And the energy costs and bandwidth costs of hundreds of millions of downloads and you can see

there is no such thing as a free browser?

In MOBILE operating systems, Symbion OS continues to face challenges from Microsoft , Apple ‘s I

Phone,and Google ‘soon to be launched Android. We wonder why doesn’t Apple license the software to all mobile phones like Microsoft did with the PC, and close the deal there.

Anyways chrome is kind of flashy looking , with most visited pages in new tab, thus speeding up your browsing (see below), an incognito window to avoid leaving online trails .

It also has a bigger display window, because tabs and toolbar is on top.

Here’s a better snapshot. Its a change from the usual browserrrrz, so go ahead and download it .

Author: Ajay Ohri


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