Email vs RSS – Free Yourself

I just edited most of my groups to make sure I see them on the web only . The result- a clean inbox which is actually a relaxing thing for many of us. I then used RSS button to subscribe to posts.

Just a small change in habit from reading email to reading RSS can lead to following-

1) Lesser chance of emails being lost or classified as spam

2)Your email address is less public

3) You can save a lot of time, as you can move quickly from one post to another in RSS . But not in email.

4) Lastly emails in public groups even if very good people are in it come under Google or Other Search Engine Spiders. So anyone can know details like your phone number etc from a Search Engine search.Online records are almost for ever.

 See a great example of Linked question on bad email mistakes while writing

RSS is Really Simple Stupid…..actually its really some thing else . So experiment with the RSS feed today.


ps (reading RSS is safer as you can go and edit your comment on a blog but probably cant do that to an email to a whole email group)

Author: Ajay Ohri

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