LinkedIn Groups

Linked In groups has a new policy- maximum number of groups you can join is 50. .As a relief they created a leave group button which enables many LI groupies (like myself with 184 groups) to pare down the list. This closed down a loophole by which many open networkers used to send bulk requests.

In addition to that group moderators can message individual members with more ease due to changes in the user interface. You can message people who have requested to apply for membership and you now have a block member button as well. All very convenient for moderators. There is however one feature that LI needs to work on. Instead of creating a yahoo or Google group, by exporting all members, moderators should be able to message All members in a group thus making LI the default newsletter platform (and maybe sell some ads too). A perennial wish is to create instant messengers for LI but that I suppose would be a third party application. LI is expected to announce third party apps ….

BTW ,Here is my LI stats. I sure have come some way from my 2800 member network using the techniques in these posts especially this case study on LinkedIn

To add me as a LI contact just click here-

And this  nifty application was created by the good man, Stan ,

Author: Ajay Ohri

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