Windows Live (Writer and Maps)

This post is being written using the offline blogging tool by Microsoft called Windows Live Writer. How good is it…? Its pretty near, no messy edges here.The ability to copy and past from the clipboard also makes it a welcome edition rather than waiting for the WP upload .And the formatting is really nicely done ,as by now we are more used to Win Word typing than anything else.



I especially liked the Add a Plug In feature (see bottom of right sidebar in screen shot above).MS does have a suite of okay plugins ready for this.

The Windows Live initiative will be key to the success of its online strategy and it seems good enough to snatch more than a handful of market share.Speaking of which the revived Microsoft Live Search Maps is much better than the once innovative and now getting old Google Maps. Images are very easily editable too.


Map image

Author: Ajay Ohri

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