As I Sleep



As I sleep, eyes shut, dreams deep

Long lost in the embrace of slumber

Comfortably cold, now comfortably number


Rehashing over the daily blows,

The cheap tricks, and the flows,

That bedeviled me and made me stray,

Things that made an awry today.


Reflecting perhaps tomorrow is,

A better day, less bitter please,

Hope survives like a phoenix ash,

Credit cards emptied and too little cash.


The misery and the despair, and the mocking fun

Lesser mortals address me as one.


Nah , its better to keep on sleeping,

Deep down easy, up away dreaming.

Lost for a couple of hours at least.

Life’s tougher than this soft sheet.


That covers me in white, tip to toe,

All set now , ready to go,

Six feet under in a temporary death,

Sleepy dream suspend poisonous breath.


Should I end it all, with a quick pill or two.

Lost behind the suffering too.

Or shall I rise again and punch away,

Back the darkness from where it came to stay.


Punch it hard, punch it still,

Don’t speak now, just jab to kill.



Author: Ajay Ohri

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