DREAM TICKET'08-Obama proposes Monica Lewinsky as VP to satisfy Clinton Camp

In a surprising development, Howard Dean, Chairman , Democratic National Party

announced at a conference today to finally bring the Democratic nomination to an end.

A visibly beaming Howard Dean almost screamed in joy, as he announced that Barack

Obama has proposed Monica Lewinsky as Vice President candidate. On hearing this

the Clinton campaign dropped their plans to throw kitchen sinks during the convention

and accepted the compromise. John Edwards would be presumptive Attorney General,

Al Gore will be environmental secretary. Hillary Clinton will be head of revamping

Social Security while in turn Bill Clinton will be Ambassador at Large to promote

American diplomacy among the world. Miss Lewinsky’s experience in White House,

her loyalty to the Clintons in standing hard with her story, the need to reach out to

White Female voters and Monica’s economics degree from London School of Economics

all played a part in this historic decision.This unites the party in fighting John Mc Cain

for the November elections. John Mccain reportedly had an unprintable reaction to this


While the Democrats rolled out mock celebratory cigars after the press conference.

This is reporter John Doe, reporting live from Iwannacrib.com


Author: Ajay Ohri


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