5 Graphing Softwares for the Web

Here is a list of softwares apart from Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight

1) PHP offers the ability to dynamically create Shockwave Flash files.
In addition, you can try the tool named PHP/SWF Charts.

2) Another library for PHP is Open Flash Chart
An article illustrating how to use it is here

3)  you want a nice lightweight charting facility for the web with a simple API, you could try the Google Charts API, which is free to use and incorporate into your own applications

4)Crystal Xcelsius

Industry leading interactive data visualization.

Create interactive Excel dashboards, business presentations and visual calculators from ordinary spreadsheets – then integrate them into PowerPoint, Word, PDF and the Web.

5) Some other softwares

  • http://www.flashactionscript.org
  • http://www.flashkit.com
  • http://www.fusioncharts.com/Default.asp
  • http://www.spreadsheetconverter.com/excel-web.htm
  • Author: Ajay Ohri


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