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SAS makes it free to learn SAS


R in the Cloud

Train in R

Wanna learn SAS language? Why go elsewhere? Get the original software in a virtual machine from the guys who actually created it!


It’s a 2 1.4 GB download and does require a 2 minute registration but thats all. You can even protype in it before you take that all important call to go for which software to buy for your analytics need. Note – retraining existing SAS analysts in R is expensive in terms of training costs, business disruption and code migration. Now only if someone could create a software to change SAS code into R code – that would make things different !!

SAS language analysts continue to be in much more demand than R language analysts- partly due to the failure of an authentic official R certification as it does not exist ( a fact that has been exploited by various institutes that teach you language syntax but not the analytics) and the poor state of the mothership R website with its huge and sometimes over detailed documentation


and I really like the professionalism as well as the generosity of the institute. Someone famous once predicted SAS will disappear by 2015 ( based on a time series model ). With billions of dollars and it’s kitty and decade long shrewd and street smart management, SAS is going to stay up a wee bit longer and give it’s wannabe killers a bloody nose or two.

Thank you Professor Goodnight

testing it myself now !!



For whom is SAS® University Edition designed?
SAS University Edition is designed for anyone wanting easy access to statistical software to perform quantitative analysis in an academic setting. This includes undergraduate and graduate students, professors, adult learners, high school students, researchers and postdocs




download sas for free


  1. Cini says:

    Sir, do you suggest getting a certificate in Sas for beginners or taking online classes ( which include majorly R )

    • depends what you want to with the additional skills , where you are located, prior experience and future plans.
      I would actually say- go for both!

      • Cini says:

        Even I have the same focus, I have already progressed to an extend in R and python but SAS is entirely alien to me right now. My future plans involve performing best in analytics and consulting.

      • well son, for next 5 years atleast in both analytics and consulting especially SAS language will be used. So download the University Edition now, and start preparing for the SAS Certification exam.

        Good job with Python too! If you R, SAS, Python and can talk about it- well you have a superb bright career ahead of you !

        Good luck.

      • Cini says:

        :) Thank you Sir..

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