Hey Professor, I am not a Monkey

Hey Professor, I am not a Monkey

The harder I try, the more life slips by,

And the latest disgrace, is to be called a simian in place.

Hey Professor, I work with computers,

and they dont mind what skin I am.

Curious I may be, but it’s easy enough to see,

I may look like a monkey, but human I am.


You may go about introducing me to people galore,

as your pet darling who does all your chore,

But I would rather work, outside your cage,

It is not personal,  I am too old to enrage.

Hey Professor, Guess I am not a Monkey.

You need to find some other, to carry your tea.

And the University  is fine , its good ol Tennessee,

Bigotry and prejudice are the not the places to be.

( Inspired by a Real Life Incident

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StiMulating Conversation

Stimulating conversation is the bait

Stimulating conversation is the bait

Lure the curious monkey to his zoo like fate


Come stimulate the conversation for a while

Amuse us O Exotic one, with your pungent style.

We are all egalitarian, at least we have to pretend

This is the American south dont you comprehend.

Stay quiet and keep shut, do you job , move your nut

Ajays friend

Our patience is as deep the color in our skin,

Go ahead and slave for us, lest we begin

There are trees in Tennessee , tall enough to hang you

Curiosity killed the cat- it will noose the monkey too.

( Inspired by a Real life incident