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Happy new Year

January 2nd, 2009

This is the second time I am seeing a Happy New Year. It gets difficult to see New year in delhi, when covered within 3 sweaters ,warmers,cap and delhi fog.

Sorry, didnt blog for some time. Dad went to US and brought me lots of clothes in October 2008.Chachu bought me a toy train from London, which dad said is too big and too good so I havent gotten it. Dad  likes my toys sometimes more than I do. Boys will be boys.

In October , I learnt to walk, and by today I am happily running and getting into trouble.Also grand ma decided no more creche and I got a new didi, or baby sitter called S..

Dadi and Dadu went to Chachu’s place in Mumbai in December , so I missed them. They are back now.

Anyways, happy new blogging year.

Gotta run !

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Kush starts to walk

September 10th, 2008

How many miles must a baby crawl, before he decides to stand.

The answer my friend , is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind.

I decide to walk. Mom and Dad went all uh ah .Dad shot a video and uploaded it on Facebook

My chachu, Dad’s younger borther is London bound so he couldnt see the photos.

So he gets to see videos.

Walking means falling on bum lots of time. It also means able to do more mischief like climbing on tables,

pulling Dads computer (note from Dad-grrrrr) .

My grand ma gets worried when I fall though. She is very sweet , her skin is quite wrinkly.

Dont know why but babies enjoy old peoples company more. They are more relaxed.

Grownups are always rushing from here -there….

Pause dear Grwon up. Go home and watch your kids play.

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Birthday Number 1

September 5th, 2008

Kush turned 1 on this day. Its like his age was zero and now its one.

Grand Dad had big tent, lots of visitors who kind of hold on to me, till I shout or fake cries.

Dad forgot to put batteries in camera.

The morning party at day care centre was better.

The worse thing about turning 1— so much cake , and you dont get even one bite to eat.


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Measles Day 3-6

September 1st, 2008

Measles is over now. Mom rubbed a lot of cream, I got to do lots of fun.

I lost some weight though, and that kind of worried Dad. On Day 5, MOM took me to temple with DAD an SUPER DAD or Grand Dad, and there we said a prayer and priest sprinkled some milk drops on me.

Measles and Milk drops. This happens . in.India.

Super Dad is planning my 1 birthday next week. Its apparently a big deal, with lots of tents,cooks, guests etc coming in. I dunno. I love parties dedicated to me , like my Lohri party in January.

Also, my hair is kind of growing so Mom made some ponytail. Everyone says I look nice in it.

I hate it.

Takes me 2 secs to rub it down.

We have  a new maid called Sharmila didi. I play with her too when Dad is beating stuff on his bumputer

and mom is cooking. Apparently she is a Kushu-sitter (because I think Kushu is no baby )

Day 7- Off To Creche.

Vacations over.

Wah Wah Wah…

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Measles Day 2.0

August 26th, 2008

Measles day 2 was ok dokey.

I got to sleep late. Mommy took day off, so no creche for me.I stay at creche , mommy goota finish her med school (job and study)

Pappa ’s pretty useless. Just wringes his hands. Says he is on part day off-on. Works from home anyways.

On his big box bumputer.

Extra care from maama is worth the measles . But these spots on face kind of itchy.

And the medicine….well they should be tested on doctors….grrrrr

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August 25th, 2008

Kush got measles.

Despite the booster he got at 9 months. From his mom whos a docter.

Despite all the love ,care and babysitting. from the grown up known as Dad.

So he is all cry cry. And turning pink.

Measles is tough .

But the grownups are suddenly loving me more.

He he.He.

Maybe I can get to eat  Daddys mobile phone now

But Baby jokes apart.

This is just day 1,

Daddy will take two days off.

and I am off to Grandpa’s for extra tender loving care.

Please pray for me to get well.

Feeling sleepy again..these medicines …and that pointy pin jenction hurrrrt.

Granpas is cool , and was planning my Bday party next week. But lets see.

back to baby bed.

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Papa ’s Big Idea

August 25th, 2008

Cause these food stamps dont buy diapers

Marshal Mathhers

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viral fever and rashes

August 23rd, 2008

for two weeks i had something called diaper rash. daddy calls it my red monkey bum. funny to him maybe.

it hurts when i get powdered, then it becomes white monkey bum.

and it has started raining. that means water from sky. water from my stomachs below i barely understand. water from above is even more strange. see my photo in post 1.

so i got fever, and so rush to docter, and daddy mommy worried, and bitter medicine….

life can be tough for a baby. thats when kushu decided to sleep it off. like right now. too much typing ….

kushu s time to sleep…

good bye grown up world…here comes baby sleep world…..

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Kush is in trouble with daddy

August 23rd, 2008

Kush is in some kind of trouble with daddy.

It all started when daddy started spending way too much time in front of white box with black thing and shiny ball. he calls it his computer. i call it daddy’s toy.

so one day i came crawling , stood straight and pushed at the shiny box below. it fell down tih thud. daddy started shouting my cpu my cpu.

this was too much for me to bear so i started crying.

anyway the cpu seems okay now and daddy is back to his B L O O G I N

so sometimes I knock on his door when inside

sometime i happen to stand near him when water comes from my tummy below (water always come suddenly from there)

he doesnt like it especially when i broke 2 keys of his keyboard

daddy play with kushu. not with computer.

ah these grown ups.

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11 months ago

August 6th, 2008

I was born 11 months ago. Slowly my neck, my head, my legs , my hands started moving.

I can even stand now..though I need more work on my quadriceps. (I shake when I stand..crawling is kind of better)

Being born means taken out of nice ,warm place to strange place of voices that go “000 …000″, Milk, Milk…and daily bath.

Babies dont like daily baths. I dont, but I have gotten used to it now.

Last week, I had strange sound in throat.

Big tall people, called grown ups started acting funny..taking me here , there.

They said I was sick.

I love my my moma ,and popa though.

They are kinda fun, except when they make stop me crawling ,drink or take a bath.

The love kind of softens when they force bitter liquids after every three hours, saying “oooo…Oooo”

Lots of really nasty liquids later, I am ok and not so sick.

The World in my eyes , is of two types of people.

Big Tall people who speak a lot, and tiny small people who cant speak.But that is changing….

Life is beautiful

July 30th, 2008

I used to be here

but then came life …..

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Hello World!

July 26th, 2008

Hello I am Kush.

11 Months old.

The World’s Youngest Blogger.

Watch this space.

The World\'s Youngest Blogger

Coming Soon (As Narated by the grown up also known as DAD)

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