Movie Review- Suicide Squad

Ok Rotten Tomatoes, lets call you Rotten Potatoes from now on.

I am serious here. The movie is not avant garde Golden age of Comics noire. It is okay. But it does a good job of balancing Cara Delivigne’s acting with budgetary constraints in putting Wild Wild West Smith in the movie.  Yes the casting, the plot, the soundtrack and the pop art imagery is okay. Its not worthy of a Weinstein Oscar. But its not worthy of a Razzie.  The soundtrack is from the 80’s when the music was cool and the planet was cool too thanks to lack of climate warming

But enough politics in my review. Why did terrorism crop up in this movie. The best stories are ones that are credible as they borrow from reality. That is something you will see you will see on your own.

Its not a time pass movie as we say in India. Paisa wasool (or you got your money worth back)

Big Will Smith is the divorced man with a paternity case. Harley Quinn is awwwesome with Margot Robbie. I really think the Joker had potential but they must be saving it for Joker vs Batman next movie. Dang- I am addicted to these movies now. These Americans just want us to make money and spend it on popcorn and cola. No wonder China wont allow this movie. The rest of the cast is nice. I like Katana the best.

Nowwww I understand why Microsoft OS has so many sequels



Author: Ajay Ohri

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