Ten Thoughts on giving Analytics Trainings

I have delivered trainings by now to hundreds of students and professionals by both online as well as offline means.  Mostly I get great reviews. But twice in a decade I have bombed too.


Here are some thoughts on this-

1) Prior preparation is very necessary. day before class , whole code should be run one day before and tested.
Why do trainers not prepare every time- well time bandwidth is an issue.

2) Enterprise  clients spend on invoice, infrastructure, transport but also on per employee time. So errors during a training session with retail clients it is ok, but one has to be be very prepared with corporate clients. Corporate clients do not tolerate errors of even ten minutes.

3) You can lose the flow if you interrupt your training to questions and answers. Sometimes it is best to park questions.

4) Self discipline is always necessary in case a few assertive students don’t corner or hijack the agenda to what they need . The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few in analytics training.

5) Even after numerous prior meetings, client requirements and intentions can remain unclear on what they want from training. Keep some flexibility but maintain pedagogy discipline.

6) Always ask prior requirements to read or join the training.

7) Homework rarely works with adults taking training in both online or offline classes. Classroom quizzes and live tasks work better.

8) R and Python are very dynamic in analytics technology. So keep updating those ppts. Sharing 10% of your content for free online can bring you a lot of leads for repeat business free.

9) Always ask for due time to create, rehearse and present the training regardless of client urgency. Training in analytics are long term investments and hurry can compromise your quality and reputation.

10) Always be proactive. If client is very unhappy, be the first to offer discounts. If the client is happy ask for a LinkedIn testimonial.

Author: Ajay Ohri


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