Interesting IBM event at Cercles Delhi

I was there on June 10 to attend the hands-on-session cum event for IBM’s PaaS offering IBM Bluemix. The event took place at which is a relatively new startup coworking space in Hauz Khas Village Delhi. Since this was just 5 minute walk from where I currently live, I attended along with an intern and a colleague of my new training company The event was nicely organized, the infrastructure was good, the speakers were quite awesome. To read what really happened you can see the summary at the clouddelhi hashtag.

One thing I noticed R is not really given as much attention in Bluemix. I particularly found IBM Watson APIs (which are RESTful) to be a great case for #rstats packages .

Bluemix has a nice interface, and they are offering 30 day free which is quite low compared to 1 yr of AWS. IBM is focussed on hybrid cloud for enterprises and opportunities for people like us depend on becoming ISV (Independent Software Vendors) or Partners in the IBM ecosystem

Fortunately I didnt have to speak. I liked Cercles well enough to book a seat for my startup  for the next month something which I have not done so despite considering two-three other co-working hubs in the past in Delhi-Gurgaon.

An additional thing was Woman in Tech as a theme. I found some of the reactions interesting there. Perhaps Governments need to adopt the Woman in Tech theme, but they seem ignorant and uninformed as corporations try to tweak their policies to gain and retain talent, than advise policy makers to help create a better ecosystem. CG_ch8dWoAAsTmR

Author: Ajay Ohri

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