2014 A Year’s Odyssey

Some updates for regular readers of my blog here-

1) I completed 116 posts in Decisionstats.com in 2014 (TILL DEC 20) as compared to 174 posts in 2013

2) 2013 gave us 151,563 views with 106,851 visitors. 2014 gave us 139,069 views with 96,679 visitors (till Dec 20). Thus  even though quantity of posts was down by 33% approx, readership was down only by 5% approx. This is however the first time that it is down in 7 years of operation.

3) I finished one more book after the first one. This explains why there was a slight lack of attention.

4) Rest of detailed stats will be shared soon.

5) After 767 posts and 4 years and 210,000 views I wound up my poetry blog .

6) I will be focusing more on prose writing not including my technology writing. This includes using this software to build audio books and collaborating with more people and more selflessly to write more and better.

7) I discovered I am occasionally an arrogant jerk. Fortunately I get smoother at hiding that as I grow older. Faking maturity is also something that comes easier as you age and gray.

8) Twitter will be on and off as in previous years. I wound up my Facebook account. LinkedIn account has 11,000 connections. Google Plus has 1356 followers and 757000 views. I think I will focus on github and IRC for a change in 2014. Rest of social media is a waste of time and energy (and ergo a waste of money).

9) I am currently in more writing projects but will be updating you soon when I have more concrete things.

10) Consulting is going to be way up in 2015 compared to 2014-2013 as  I take a pause between books ( or not). So will be teaching , interns and conferences. I will be writing better and as much as possible to continue to make your time on this site productive.

Merry Christmas and Have a Happy Holiday.



Author: Ajay Ohri


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