Interview Torch Browser

Here is an interview with Torch browser which embeds bit torrents within the Chromium open source browser and is compatible with all Chrome downloads. With a new 1 million users in 2014, Torch is lighting up the Internet at

Ajay- Why did you create torch and how did you create it. your startup story:
Torch- Torch browser was a project born out of the demand for easy one-click media and file sharing. Rather than bogging down ones browser with multiple file sharing, torrenting, and media sharing software or extensions, we wanted to streamline these concepts into a one-click, user friendly experience. As well as eventually integrate the simplicity and one step solution in a way that would give the user instant access to their desired media or file share. For this reason we have advanced Torch to include features such as no wait torrenting, once the torrent starts to download, it can already be played. Drag & Drop, which allows for simple and quick searching, instant audio extraction, file download accelerator, Torch Music, and so much more.

What has been user feedback and stats:
The user feedback has been extremely positive. You can see this by following our Facebook page at, where we proudly boast over 1MM likes
We constantly take polls requesting user feedback and feature requests. Even though one cannot please everyone, we do our best to develop Torchaccording to the majorities requests. If enough people want it, we will build it. Because ultimately it’s the user’s browser, not ours.

How do you intend to monetize:
This is a valid and common question. Currently our focus is on filling the needs of our users, developing for multiple platforms, adding features and improving overall system performance. At the same time, we are discussing possible future premium services that will generate revenues.

Any plans to embed tor in torch, to enable relay server through single clickbrowser and what about chrome plugins like mafiaafire:
All Chromium plugins available at the Chrome web store are compatible with Torch. The issue of by-passing unwarranted blocks is under serious consideration by our team. We are all for the complete and public access to all things internet. If it’s on the net, and it’s intended to be shared, then it should be accessible to all. Censorship and unjustified blocks are not things that we feel comfortable with and we don’t believe that our users need to tolerate this.

What legal concerns if any did you encounter or plan for during the product design phase:
There are no legal concerns. Like other browsers and similar applications,Torch is a general purpose tool for browsing, sharing and downloading internet content.

Do you collect user data:
Torch does not collect any personal data. The only data collected by Torch is non-personally identifiable and used for technical and functional purposes only. You can read more concerning this in our privacy policy at:

Your views on NSA spying internationally:
This question is a bit vague and beyond the scope of our development being that system security should be managed via personal OS firewall settings. However, unwarranted intrusions into ones personal domain is not something that makes anyone feel comfortable, nor should it be tolerated. With that said, we are evaluating the benefits of including added browsing protection into a future build.

Again, thank you for the opportunity, and we hope that this has been helpful.

The Torch Team.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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