SAS Blogs gets a makeover

SAS blogs gets a much needed makeover. Now if only they share some of the social media analytics

some more rather than just social media on analytics 🙂 One of the more professionally designed , managed and

passionate corporate blog series in my opinion

Seriously 27 blogs and not one blog on social media analytics despite

being the leading maker of such software!





Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “SAS Blogs gets a makeover”

  1. Thanks for the kind words about the blogs, Ajay. It’s been a big job, but so worth it! We have considered a social media blog, but currently we’re covering that topic on two other blogs. Since we view social media analytics as one component of customer intelligence, social media analytics is covered on occasion in The Customer Analytics blog. From a more technical perspective, you can also find the topic discussed on The Text Frontier blog.

    1. I think SAS Blogs are one of the most aesthetically designed and professionally manged corporate blogs. I look forward to the blog on social media analytics. Surely it cant be more difficult than making the software 😉 All the best

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