KXEN Conference :How to get the Best ROI..

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How to get the Best ROI from your Advanced Analytics Investment?
MonDAY, NovemBER 2, 2009
09:30-10:30 AM Registration & Breakfast
10:30-10:45 AM Welcome & Opening Remarks,
by Roger Haddad, CEO KXEN
10:45-11:30 AM Keynote Session:
Customer Focus and Momentum Strategy,
by Marc Beauvois-Coladon, on the original work of
Professor Jean-Claude Larréché, INSEAD Alfred
H. Heineken Chair of Marketing
11:30-12:30 AM Technology Directions,
by Erik Marcade, CTO KXEN
12:30-01:45 PM Lunch
01:45-02:30 PM Customer Case Study: Groupama – Insurance
02:30-03:15 PM Boosting Lift by integrating Web Browsing Behavior in Affinity Modeling, by Edouard Servan-Schreiber, Assistant Director Advanced Analytics Teradata EMEA
03:15-04:00 PM Customer Case Study: Leveraging Social Network Analysis in Customer Retention with KXEN
by Jaroslaw Kosinski, Project Manager Planning and Strategic Analysis TPSA (Telco)
04:00-04:15 PM

04:15-05:00 PM Business Track 1: Towards Predictive BI: Manage your strategic KPI’s (workshop part 1)

Technical Track 1: How to build a Data Factory

05:00-05:45 PM Business Track 2: Towards Predictive BI: Manage your Strategic KPI’s (workshop – part 2)

Technical Track 2: How to build a Modeling Factory

05:45-06:30 PM Customer Case Study: Industry
08:00-00:00 PM Gala Dinner @ the Eiffel Tower
TuesDAY, NovemBER 3, 2009
09:00-09:30 AM Welcome Coffee
09:30-10:15 AM How to optimise Performance and Effectiveness of Relationship Management Programs, while Taking Advantage of just-in-time Marketing,
by Alexandre Losson, Head of CRM, Business & Decision
10:15-11:00 AM Customer Case Study: Wolters Kluwer – Publishing & Media
11:00-11:15 AM Break
11:15-12:00 AM Business Track 3: Automate the Production of Hyper Targeted Campaigns, by Emmanuel Duhesme, CEO Probance

Technical Track 3: How to implement Social Networks Analysis

12:00-12:45 AM Business Track 4: How to present your Data Mining Results to get Visibility, by Frederic Binon,
Marketing Expert Manager at Belgacom

Technical Track 4: KXEN New Versions Tips & Tricks

12:45-01:45 PM Lunch
01:45-02:15 PM Partner Presentation: Geoconcept
02:15-03:00 PM Customer Case Study: The Co-operative Financial Services – Bank
03:00-03:15 PM
03:15-04:15 PM Ask your Questions to KXEN Executives!
04:15-05:00PM Closing Remarks by Roger Haddad, CEO KXEN
Option: NOVEMBER 4, 2009
Complimentary Post-Conference Technical Workshop

Registrations on a First Come / First Served Basis – Places are limited

09:00-11:30 AM ADM: KXEN Data Manipulation Training & Exercices
11:30-01:00 PM KMF: Tour of KXEN Modeling Factory
01:00-02:00 PM Lunch
02:00-05:00 PM KSN: KXEN Social Network Analysis Training & Exercices
Registration requests for this workshop should be sent by e-mail to event-eur@kxen.com once your Conference Registration has been proceeded.

NovembER 2 & 3, 2009 – Paris

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