The Return of PAWS

Bigger Wins, Broader Capabilities at Predictive Analytics World

PAW’s October 20-21 program includes 25 sessions divulging how more than 20 brand name companies across a dozen industry verticals apply predictive analytics to over 10 business uses by employing the hottest advanced analytical methods. See the entire conference agenda at a glance, or check out an agenda overview.

Workshop Benefits

Sign up for one of PAW’s leading-edge Workshops and receive these great benefits:

  • PAW’s hands-on workshop, lead by Dean Abbott, has chosen its tool: SAS Enterprise Miner. So attend Hands-On Predictive Analytics for direct experience applying the industry best practices process, and ramp up on this leading, industry-leading tool to boot.
  • A free copy of Dr. John Elder’s just released Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications book is yours if you attend John’s Predictive Modeling Methods and Common Data Mining Mistakes workshop.
  • A free copy of James Taylor’s book Smart Enough Systems: How to Deliver Competitive Advantage by Automating Hidden Decisions is yours if you attend James’s Putting Predictive Analytics to Work workshop.

Don’t miss the free BetterManagement webinar Sept 23, featuring conference chair Eric Siegel, on Driving Decisions with Predictive Analytics: The Top Business Applications.

Register Now

For inquiries, call (866) 223-2579 or e-mail

Sign up for the PAW group on LinkedIn.

Predictive Analytics World
October 20-21 – Washington DC
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Disclaimer- As a student and also I am a blog partner to PAWS and get access to interviews, books, discounts but not financial renumeration for these.

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