Jump to JMP: Using Data Analysis in a visual manner

Over the past month or so, I have really begun to appreciate the GUI of JMP. It is very clean and intutively designed. And excellent for a SAS Environment .

Best of all you can easily download a 30 day trial and pricing for this software is quite reasonable.

The worst part of JMP- the droll website. In fact on website, I can deduce something of an Ohri’s Law on Websites.

The better the software, the worse off is the website.

Corollary- The worse off the software, the better is the website in terms of glitz.

JMP is definitely worth a trial for 30 days if you

a) Want to learn a new stats software skill fast

2) Unhappy with visual data analysis of current softwares.

Integrating JMP ‘s functionality with a BI reporting tool is a formidable data decisionmaking tool and it works nicely for me in data analysis I do.



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