What's my website traffic, Dude?

Some website traffic numbers for potential server cost sharers. The server is now slow despite caching enabled and server RAM ramped up, way beyond my student budget. Please bear with me and do continue to visit it.

Thanks to you- I have managed to ramp up to over 20000 number of visits a month ( Aug figure incomplete till 28th only). This is quite feel good considering that I decided to move to full time blogging just 3 months ago from earlier consulting- blog mode. I am now going back to student school and the blog quantity is expected to better in quality ( and less in quantity) as I hope to get some homework done after finding some money to buy textbooks.

Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
May 2009 1527 3775 20903 42640 1000.02 MB
Jun 2009 4097 9082 55946 139918 6.39 GB
Jul 2009 17364 24532 126613 293489 9.18 GB
Aug 2009 11788 21909 114317 255289 9.25 GB

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