OT-The Dude of Data

I am creating a new website www.dudeofdata.com which will be more irreverant, more sarcastic on corporate hypocricy in analytics and statistics. It will feature the hack kings of mashing software and would be expunged for lots of stuff. Strategic intention would be to make statistics “cool’ for my fellow hosts in America- I see less American faces in science blocks than East Asian faces.

You can follow the twitter page www.twitter.com/dudeofdata in the meantime for the launch. It should take me less than an hour to set up the WordPress instal and CMS- but my hours are spent learning classes, homework, washing dishes and cooking food, ( and also learning rock climbing and playing soccer with the people).

In the meantime here is a salute to Airlines- I recently flew 30 hours from India to USA and can relate.

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