Webfocus RStat: Pervasive BI using R

Here is a great reporting and BI tool from Information Builders  and uses the Rattle R GUI ( covered earlier here http://www.decisionstats.com/2009/01/13/interview-dr-graham-williams/).

So if you are looking for generation next reporting solution here is one called WebFocus RStat.



Predict the Future and Make Effective Decisions Today

Traditional reporting solutions provide a clear picture of past occurrences, but have little power to shed light on the future. The ability to anticipate and prepare for upcoming events can greatly impact the decisions that need to be made today.

WebFOCUS RStat is the market’s first fully-integrated business intelligence and data mining environment, seamlessly bridging the gap between backward and forward-facing views of business operations. With WebFOCUS RStat, companies can easily and cost-effectively deploy predictive models as intuitive scoring applications. So business users at all levels can make decisions based on accurate, validated future predictions, instead of relying on gut instinct alone.

WebFOCUS RStat provides a single platform for BI, data modeling, and scoring. This eliminates the need to purchase and maintain multiple tools, and frees analysts and other statisticians from spending countless hours extracting and querying data. At the same time, it reduces costs, simplifies maintenance, and optimizes IT resources.

But, the greatest benefit WebFOCUS RStat offers is significantly increased accuracy. With the R engine – a powerful and flexible open source statistical programming language – as its underlying analysis tool, WebFOCUS RStat can deliver results that are consistent, complete, and correct – every time.

WebFOCUS RStat provides:

  • A single tool, fully integrated with Developer Studio and WebFOCUS Reporting Servers with access to over 300 data sources, for both BI developers and data miners
  • Comprehensive data exploration, descriptive statistics, and interactive graphs
  • In-depth data visualization and transformation
  • Hypothesis testing, clustering, and correlation analysis

Other key WebFOCUS RStat features include:

  • The ability to build and export models for prediction and classification
  • Comprehensive model evaluation

Incidently the parent company which is based in Tennessee has some interesting numbers-


Company At A Glance
  • $300 million in revenue
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • More than 1,400 employees
  • Over 12,000 customers
  • Over 350 business partners
  • 47 offices and 26 worldwide distributors
  • Rapid application creation through easy incorporation of scoring routines into WebFOCUS reports

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Author: Ajay Ohri


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