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General Chair John Elder (Elder Research, Inc.)
Francoise Soulie Fogelman (KXEN)
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I asked Francoise in her interview this March on  (http://www.decisionstats.com/2009/03/27/interview-franoise-soulie-fogelman-kxen/ ) oh her views on data mining and how KXEN fits in and here is an extract –

Ajay –What kind of hardware solutions go best with KXEN’s software. What are the other BI vendors that your offerings best complement with.

Françoise – KXEN software in general and KSN in particular, run on any platform. When using KSN to build decent size graphs (with tens of millions of nodes and hundreds of millions of links for example), 64 bits architecture is required. A recent survey of KXEN customers show that the BI suites used by our customers are mostly MicroStrategy and Business Objects (SAP). We also like very much to mention Advizor Solutions which offers data visualization software already embedding KXEN technology.

Francoise of course is well versed to be talking on Knowledge Discovery and Data mining. – her credentials are kind of awe inspiring

Ms Soulie Fogelman has over 30 years of experience in data mining and CRM both from an academic and a business perspective. Prior to KXEN, she directed the first French research team on Neural Networks at Paris 11 University where she was a CS Professor. She then co-founded Mimetics, a start-up that processes and sells development environment, optical character recognition (OCR) products and services using neural network technology, and became its Chief Scientific Officer. After that she started the Data Mining and CRM group at Atos Origin and, most recently, she created and managed the CRM Agency for Business & Decision, a French IS company specialized in Business Intelligence and CRM.

Ms Soulie Fogelman holds a master’s degree in mathematics from Ecole Normale Superieure and a PhD in Computer Science from University of Grenoble. She was advisor to over 20 PhD on data mining, has authored more than 100 scientific papers and books and has been an invited speaker to many academic and b
business events.

Disclaimer- I have been both a KXEn client, user, as well as vendor.

Author: Ajay Ohri


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