KDD2009: Papers Research and Industrial

Research Papers

A Generalized Co-HITS Algorithm and Its Application to Bipartite Graphs
Hongbo Deng* The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong; Michael Lyu The Chinese University of Hong Kong; IRWIN KING Chinese University of Hong Kong

A LRT Framework for Fast Spatial Anomaly Detection
Mingxi Wu* Oracle Corporation; Xiuyao Song ; Chris Jermaine University of Florida; Sanjay Ranka University of Florida; John Gums

A Multi-Relational Approach to Spatial Classification
Richard Frank* Simon Fraser University; Martin Ester Simon Fraser University; Arno Knobbe Leiden University

A Principled and Flexible Framework for Finding Alternative Clusterings
ZiJie Qi* UCDavis; Ian Davidson University of California Davis

A Viewpoint-based Approach for Interaction Graph Analysis
Sitaram Asur* Ohio State University; Srinivasan Parthasarathy Ohio State University

Adapting the Right Measures for K-means Clustering
Junjie Wu* Beihang University; Hui Xiong Rutgers University; Jian Chen

An Association Analysis Approach to Biclustering
Gaurav Pandey* University of Minnesota; Gowtham Atluri ; Michael Steinbach University of Minnesota; Chad Myers University of Minnesota; Vipin Kumar University of Minnesota

Analyzing Patterns of User Content Generation in Online Social Networks
Lei Guo* Yahoo!; Enhua Tan Ohio State University; Songqing Chen George Mason University; Xiaodong Zhang Ohio State University; Yihong (Eric) Zhao Yahoo!

Anomalous Window Discovery through Scan Statistics for Linear Intersecting Paths (SSLIP)
Lei Shi University of Maryland Baltimore County; Vandana Janeja* UMBC

Audience Selection for On-line Brand Advertising: Privacy-friendly Social Network Targeting
Foster Provost* NYU; Brian Dalessandro Media6degrees; Rod Hook Coriolis Ventures; Xiaohan Zhang New York University

Augmenting the Generalized Hough Transform to Enable the Mining of Petroglyphs
Qiang Zhu* Univ of California Riverside; Xiaoyue Wang Univ of California Riverside; Eamonn Keogh UC Riverside; Sang-Hee Lee UC Riverside

BBM: Bayesian Browsing Model from Petabyte-scale Data
Chao Liu* Microsoft Research; Fan Guo Carnegie Mellon University; Christos Faloutsos CMU

Cross Domain Distribution Adaptation via Kernel Mapping
Erheng Zhong* Sun Yat-Sen University; Wei Fan IBM T.J.Watson; Jing Peng Montclair State University; Kun Zhang Xavier University of Louisiana; Jiangtao Ren Sun Yat-Sun University; Olivier Verscheure IBM T.J.Watson; Deepak Turaga IBM

Cartesian Contour: A Concise Representation for a Collection of Frequent Sets
Ruoming Jin* Kent State University; Yang Xiang Kent State University; Lin Liu Kent State University

Category Detection Using Hierarchical Mean Shift
Pavan Vatturi Oregon State University; Weng-Keen Wong* Oregon State University

Causality Quantification and Its Applications: Structuring and Modeling of Multivariate Time Series
Takashi Shibuya* The University of Tokyo; Tatsuya Harada The University of Tokyo; Yasuo Kuniyoshi The University of Tokyo

Characteristic Relational Patterns
Arne Koopman* Universiteit Utrecht; Arno Siebes Universiteit Utrecht

Classification of Software Behaviors for Failure Detection: A Discriminative Pattern Mining Approach
David Lo Singapore Management University; Hong Cheng* Chinese University of HongKong; Jiawei Han University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Siau-Cheng Khoo National University of Singapore; Chengnian Sun National University of Singapore

Co-Clustering on Manifolds
Quanquan Gu* Tsinghua University; Jie Zhou Tsinghua University

CoCo: Coding Cost for Parameter-free Outlier Detection

Christian Bohm University of Munich; Katrin Haegler University of Munich; Nikola Muller Max Plank Institute of Biochemistry Martinsried Germany; Claudia Plant* Technische Universitat Munchen

Co-evolution of Social and Affiliation Networks
Hossam Sharara* University of Maryland; Elena Zheleva University of Maryland College Park; Lise Getoor University of Maryland

Collaborative Filtering with Temporal Dynamics
Yehuda Koren* Yahoo! Research

Collective Annotation of Wikipedia Entities in Web Text
Sayali Kulkarni IIT Bombay; Amit Singh IIT Bombay; Ganesh Ramakrishnan IIT Bombay; Soumen Chakrabarti* IIT Bombay

Collusion-Resistant Anonymous Data Collection Method
Mafruz Zaman Ashrafi* Institute For Infocomm Researc; See-Kiong Ng Institute for Infocomm Research

Combining Link and Content for Community Detection: A Discriminative Approach
Tianbao Yang* Michigan State University; Rong Jin Michigan State University; Yun Chi NEC Laboratories America; Shenghuo Zhu NEC Laboratories America Inc.

Connections between the Lines: Augmenting Social Networks with Text
Jonathan Chang* Princeton University; Jordan Boyd-Graber Princeton University; David Blei Princeton University

Consensus Group Based Stable Feature Selection
Lei Yu* Binghamton University; Steven Loscalzo SUNY Binghamton; Chris Ding University of Texas at Arlington

Constant-Factor Approximation Algorithms for Identifying Dynamic Communities
Chayant Tantipathananandh* UIC; Tanya Berger-Wolf UIC

Constrained Optimization for Validation-Guided Conditional Random Field Learning
Minmin Chen ; Yixin Chen* Washington University in St. L

Correlated Itemset Mining in ROC Space: A Constraint Programming Approach
Siegfried Nijssen* Leuven University; Tias Guns Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Luc De Raedt Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

CP-Summary: A Concise Representation for Browsing Frequent Itemsets
Ardian Poernomo* Nanyang Technological Universi; Vivekanand Gopalkrishnan Nanyang Technological Universi

Detection of Unique Temporal Segments by Information Theoretic Meta-clustering
Shin Ando* Gunma University; Einoshin Suzuki

Differentially-Private Recommender Systems
Frank McSherry* Microsoft Research; Ilya Mironov Microsoft Research

DOULION: Counting Triangles in Massive Graphs with a Coin
Charalampos Tsourakakis* Carnegie Mellon University; U Kang Carnegie Mellon University; Gary Miller Carnegie Mellon University; Christos Faloutsos CMU

Drosophila Gene Expression Pattern Annotation Using Sparse Features and Term-term Interactions
Shuiwang Ji* Arizona State University; Lei Yuan Arizona State University; Ying-Xin Li Nanjing University; Zhi-Hua Zhou Nanjing University; Sudhir Kumar ; Jieping Ye Arizona State University

DynaMMo: Mining and Summarization of Coevolving Sequences with Missing Values
Lei Li* Carnegie Mellon University; Jim McCann Carnegie Mellon University; Nancy Pollard Carnegie Mellon University; Christos Faloutsos CMU

Effective Multi-Label Active Learning for Text Classification
Bishan Yang* Peking University; JianTao Sun ; Zheng Chen

Efficient Anomaly Monitoring Over Moving Object Trajectory Streams
Lei Chen* HKUST; Ada Fu Chinese University of Hong Kong; Yingyi Bu CUHK

Efficient Influence Maximization in Social Networks
Wei Chen* Microsoft Research Asia; Yajun Wang Microsoft Research Asia; Siyu Yang Tsinghua University

Efficient Methods for Topic Model Inference on Streaming Document Collections
Limin Yao* University of Massachusetts Am; David Mimno University of Massachusetts Amherst; Andrew McCallum University of Massachusetts Amherst

Efficiently Learning the Accuracy of Labeling Sources for Selective Sampling
Pinar Donmez* Carnegie Mellon University; Jaime Carbonell Carnegie Mellon University; Jeff Schneider Carnegie Mellon University

Exploiting Wikipedia as External Knowledge for Document Clustering
Tony Hu* Drexel University; Xiaodan Zhang Drexel Univerity; Caimei Lu Drexel University; E.K Park University of Missouri at Kansas City; Xiaohua Zhou Drexel University

Exploring Social Tagging Graph for Web Object Classification
Zhijun Yin* University of Illinois; Rui Li ; Qiaozhu Mei ; Jiawei Han University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Extracting Discriminative Concepts for Domain Adaptation in Text Mining
Bo Chen* CUHK; Wai Lam CUHK; Ivor Tsang NTU; Tak-lam Wong CUHK

Fast Approximate Spectral Clustering
Donghui Yan University of California Berkeley; Ling Huang* Intel Research; Michael Jordan University of California Berkeley

Feature Shaping for Linear SVM Classifiers
George Forman* Hewlett-Packard Labs; Martin Scholz HP Labs; Shyamsundar Rajaram Hewlett-Packard

Finding a Team of Experts in Social Networks
Theodoros Lappas Univ of California Riverside; Kun Liu IBM Almaden; Evimaria Terzi* IBM Almaden

Frequent Pattern Mining with Uncertain Data
Charu Aggarwal* IBM T J Watson Research Center; Yan Li Tsinghua University; Jianyong Wang Tsinghua University; Jing Wang New York University

Genre-based Decomposition of Email Class Noise
Aleksander Kolcz* Microsoft Live Labs; Gordon Cormack University of Waterloo

Grouped Graphical Granger Modeling Methods for Temporal Causal Modeling
Aurelie Lozano* IBM Research; Naoki Abe IBM T J Watson Research Center; Yan Liu IBM Research; Saharon Rosset Tel-Aviv University

Heterogeneous Source Consensus Learning via Decision Propagation and Negotiation
Jing Gao* UIUC; Wei Fan IBM T.J.Watson; Yizhou Sun ; Jiawei Han University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Improving Clustering Stability with Combinatorial MRFs
Ron Bekkerman* HP Labs; Martin Scholz HP Labs; Krishnamurthy Viswanathan HP Labs

Improving Data Mining Utility with Projective Sampling
Mark Last* BGU

Information Theoretic Regularization for Semi-Supervised Boosting
Lei Zheng Wright State University; Shaojun Wang* Wright State University; Yan Liu Wright State University; Chi-Hoon Lee Yahoo

Issues in Evaluation of Stream Learning Algorithms
Joao Gama* University of Porto; Raquel Sebastiao LIAAD; Pedro Rodrigues LIAAD

Large Human Communication Networks: Patterns and a Utility-Driven Generator
Nan Du* CMU; Christos Faloutsos CMU; Bai Wang ; Leman Akoglu Carnegie Mellon University

Large-Scale Behavioral Targeting
Ye Chen* Yahoo! Labs; Dmitry Pavlov Yahoo! Labs; John Canny Computer Science Division University of California Berkeley

Large-Scale Graph Mining Using Backbone Refinement Classes
Andreas Maunz* Freiburg Center for Data Analy; Christoph Helma in-silico toxicology; Stefan Kramer Institut fur Informatik Technische Universitat Munchen

Large-Scale Sparse Logistic Regression
Jun Liu* Arizona State University; Jianhui Chen ASU; Jieping Ye Arizona State University

Learning Optimal Ranking with Tensor Factorization for Tag Recommendation
Steffen Rendle* University of Hildesheim; Leandro Marinho University of Hildesheim; Alexandros Nanopoulos University of Hildesheim; Lars Schmidt-Thieme University of Hildesheim

Learning Patterns in the Dynamics of Biological Networks
Chang hun You* Washington State University; Lawrence Holder Washington State University; Diane Cook Washington State University

Learning with a Nonexhaustive Training Dataset
Murat Dundar* IUPUI; Arun Bhunia Purdue University; Daniel Hirleman Purdue University; Paul Robinson ; Bartek Rajwa Purdue University

Learning Indexing and Diagnosing Network Faults
Ting Wang* Georgia Tech; Mudhakar Srivatsa IBM T.J. Watson Research Cente; Dakshi Agrawal ; Ling Liu

Measuring the Effects of Preprocessing Decisions and Network Forces in Dynamic Network Analysis
Jerry Scripps* Michigan State University; Pang-Ning Tan Michigan State University; Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian Michigan State University

Meme-tracking and the Dynamics of the News Cycle
Jure Leskovec* Cornell University; Lars Backstrom Cornell University; Jon Kleinberg Cornell University

MetaFac: Community Discovery via Relational Hypergraph Factorization
Yu-Ru Lin* Arizona State University; Jimeng Sun IBM; Paul Castro IBM; Ravi Konuru IBM; Hari Sundaram ; Aisling Kelliher Arizona State University

Mind the Gaps: Weighting the Unknown in Large-Scale One-Class Collaborative Filtering
Rong Pan* HP Labs; Martin Scholz HP Labs

Mining Broad Latent Query Aspects from Search Sessions
Xuanhui Wang UIUC; Deepayan Chakrabarti Yahoo! Research; Kunal Punera* Yahoo! Research

Mining Discrete Patterns via Binary Matrix Factorization
Bao-Hong Shen Arizona State University; Shuiwang Ji Arizona State University; Jieping Ye* Arizona State University

Mining for the Most Certain Predictions from Dyadic Data
Meghana Deodhar* University of Texas at Austin; Joydeep Ghosh The University of Texas at Austin

Mining Rich Session Context to Improve Web Search
Guangyu Zhu* University of Maryland College Park; Gilad Mishne Yahoo! Search and Advertising Sciences

Mining Social Networks for Personalized Email Prioritization
Shinjae Yoo* Carnegie Mellon University; Yiming Yang ; Frank Lin ; Il-Chul Moon

Characterizing Individual Communication Patterns
Dean Malmgren* Northwestern University; Jake Hofman Yahoo! Research; Luis Amaral Northwestern University; Duncan Watts Yahoo! Research

Multi-focal Learning and Its Application to Customer Service Support
Yong Ge* Rutgers University; Hui Xiong Rutgers University; Wenjun Zhou Rutgers University; Ramendra Sahoo IBM T.J. Watson Research Center; Xiaofeng Gao ; Weili Wu

Name-Ethnicity Classification from Open Sources
Anurag Ambekar Stony Brook University; Charles Ward Stony Brook University; Jahangir Mohammed Stony Brook University; Swapna Male Stony Brook University; Steven Skiena* Stony Brook University

New ensemble methods for evolving data streams
Albert Bifet* Universitat Politecnica de Cat; Geoff Holmes University of Waikato; Bernhard Pfahringer University of Waikato Hamilton; Richard Kirkby University of Waikato; Ricard Gavalda Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

On Burstiness-aware Search for Document Sequences
Theodoros Lappas* Univ of California Riverside; Benjamin Arai Univ of California Riverside; Dimitrios Gunopulos UCR NKUA; Manolis Platakis ; Dimitrios Kotsakos

On Compressing Social Networks
Flavio Chierichetti ; Ravi Kumar* Yahoo; Silvio Lattanzi ; Michael Mitzenmacher ; Alessandro Panconesi ; Prabhakar Raghavan

On the Tradeoff Between Privacy and Utility in Data Publishing
Tiancheng Li* Purdue University; Ninghui Li Purdue University Optimizing Web Traffic via the Media Scheduling Problem Lars Backstrom* Cornell University; Jon Kleinberg Cornell University; Ravi Kumar Yahoo

Parallel Community Detection on Large Networks with Propinquity Dynamics
Yuzhou Zhang* Tsinghua University; Jianyong Wang Tsinghua University; Yi Wang Google Beijing Research; Lizhu Zhou Tsinghua University

Primal Sparse Max-Margin Markov Networks
Jun ZHU* Tsinghua University; Eric Xing Carnegie Mellon Univresity; Bo Zhang Tsinghua University

Probabilistic Frequent Itemset Mining in Uncertain Databases
Matthias Renz* Ludwig-Maximilinas-Universitat; Thomas Bernecker Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen; Florian Verhein Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen; Andreas Zuefle Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen; Hans-Peter Kriegel University of Munich

Quantification and Semi-supervised Classification Methods for Handling Changes in Class Distribution
Jack Chongjie Xue* Fordham University; Gary Weiss Fordham University

Ranking-Based Clustering of Heterogeneous Information Networks with Star Network Schema
Yizhou Sun* UIUC; Yintao Yu UIUC; Jiawei Han University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Regression based Latent Factor Models
Deepak Agarwal* Yahoo!; Bee-Chung Chen Yahoo!

Regret-based Online Ranking for a Growing Digital Library
Erick Delage* Stanford University

Relational Learning via Latent Social Dimensions
Lei Tang* Arizona State University; Huan Liu

Scalable Graph Clustering Using Flows: Applications to Community Discovery
Venu Satuluri The Ohio State University; Srinivasan Parthasarathy* Ohio State University

Scalable Pseudo-Likelihood Estimation in Hybrid Random Fields
Antonino Freno* University of Siena; Edmondo Trentin ; Marco Gori

Social Influence Analysis in Large-scale Networks
Jie Tang* Tsinghua University; Jimeng Sun IBM TJ Watson Research Center; Chi Wang Tsinghua Univ.

Spatial-temporal causal modeling for climate change attribution
Aurelie Lozano* IBM Research; Hongfei Li IBM Research; Alexandru Niculsecu-Mizil IBM Research; Yan Liu IBM Research; Claudia Perlich IBM USA; Jonathan Hosking IBM Research; Naoki Abe IBM T J Watson Research Center

Structured Correspondence Topic Models for Mining Captioned Figures in Biological Literature
Amr Ahmed* Carnegie Mellon Univresity; Eric Xing Carnegie Mellon Univresity; William Cohen Carnegie Mellon Univresity; Robert Murphy Carnegie Mellon Univresity

TANGENT: A Novel, “Surprise-Me”, Recommendation Algorithm
Kensuke Onuma Sony Corporation; Hanghang Tong* CMU; Christos Faloutsos CMU

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know: Randomization Strategies for Iterative Data Mining
Sami Hanhijarvi* Helsinki Univ. of Technology; Markus Ojala Helsinki University of Technology; Niko Vuokko ; Kai Puolamaki ; Nikolaj Tatti Helsinki Univ. of Technology; Heikki Mannila

Temporal Mining for Interactive Workflow Data Analysis
Michele Berlingerio* KDD Lab Pisa ISTI C.N.R.; Fosca Giannotti ISTI CNR; Mirco Nanni KDD Lab – ISTI – CNR; Fabio Pinelli Isti – CNR – Italy Pisa

The Offset Tree for Learning with Partial Labels
John Langford* ; Alina Beygelzimer IBM

Time Series Shapelets: A New Primitive for Data Mining
Lexiang Ye* UC Riverside; Eamonn Keogh UC Riverside

Toward Autonomic Grids: Analyzing the Job Flow with Affinity Streaming
Xiangliang Zhang* INRIA; Cyril Furtlehner ; Julien Perez ; Cecile Germain-Renaud Universite Paris Sud; Michele Sebag Universite Paris-Sud

Towards Efficient Mining of Proportional Fault-Tolerant Frequent Itemsets
Ardian Poernomo* Nanyang Technological Universi; Vivekanand Gopalkrishnan Nanyang Technological Universi

TrustWalker : A Random Walk Model for Combining Trust-based and Item-based Recommendation
Mohsen Jamali* Simon Fraser University; Martin Ester Simon Fraser University

Turning Down the Noise in the Blogosphere
Khalid El-Arini, Carnegie Mellon University; Gaurav Veda; Dafna Shahaf; Carlos Guestrin

User Grouping Behavior in Online Forums
Xiaolin Shi* University of Michigan; Jun ZHU Tsinghua University; Rui Cai Microsoft Research; Lei Zhang Microsoft Research Asia

Using Graph-based Metrics with Empircial Risk Minimization to Speed Up Active Learning on Networked Data
Sofus Macskassy* Fetch Technologies Inc.

WhereNext: a Location Predictor on Trajectory Pattern Mining
Anna Monreale Isti – CNR – Italy Pisa; Fabio Pinelli Isti – CNR – Italy Pisa; Roberto Trasarti* Isti – CNR – Italy Pisa; Fosca Giannotti ISTI CNR

Industrial Papers

A Case Study of Behavior-driven Conjoint Analysis on Yahoo! Front Page Today Module

Wei Chu*, Yahoo! Labs; Seung-Taek Park, Yahoo! Inc.; Todd Beaupre, Yahoo! Inc.; Nitin Motgi, Yahoo! Inc.; Amit Phadke, Yahoo! Inc.; Seinjuti Chakraborty, Yahoo! Inc.; Joe Zachariah, Yahoo! Inc.

Address Standardization with Latent Semantic Association

Honglei Guo*, IBM China Research Lab; Huijia Zhu, IBM China Research Lab; Zhili Guo, IBM China Research Lab; Xiaoxun Zhang, IBM China Research Lab; Zhong Su, IBM China Research Lab

Anonymizing Healthcare Data: A Case Study on the Blood Transfusion Service

Noman Mohammed, Concordia University; Benjamin C. M. Fung*, Concordia University; Patrick C. K. Hung, University of Ontario Institute of Technology; Cheuk-kwong Lee, Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service

Applying Syntactic Similarity Algorithms for Enterprise Information Management

Lucy Cherkasova*, HPLabs; Kave Eshghi, HPLabs; Brad Morrey, HPLabs; Joseph Tucek, HPLabs; Alistair Veitch, HPLabs

Beyond Blacklists: Learning to Detect Malicious Web Sites from Suspicious URLs

Justin Ma*, UC San Diego; Lawrence Saul, UCSD; Stefan Savage, UC San Diego; Geoffrey Voelker, UC San Diego

BGP-lens: Patterns and Anomalies in Internet Routing Updates

B. Aditya Prakash*, Carnegie Mellon University; Nicholas Valler, UCR; David Andersen, CMU; Michalis Faloutsos, UCR; Christos Faloutsos, CMU

Can We Learn a Template-Independent Wrapper for News Article Extraction from a Single Training Site?

Junfeng Wang*, Zhejiang university; Xiaofei He, ; Can Wang, ; Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University; Jiajun Bu, ; Chun Chen, ; Ziyu Guan, ; Wei Vivian Zhang, Microsoft

Catching the Drift: Learning Broad Matches from Clickthrough Data

Sonal Gupta*, University of Texas at Austin; Mikhail Bilenko, Microsoft Research; Matthew Richardson, Microsoft Research Clustering of Event Logs Using Iterative Partitioning Adetokunbo Makanju*, Dalhousie University; Nur Zincir-Heywood, Dalhousie University; Evangelos Milios, Dalhousie University

COA: Finding Novel Patents through Text Analysis

Mohammad Al Hasan*, RPI; W. Scott Spangler, IBM Corporation; Thomas Griffin, IBM Corporation; Alfredo Alba, IBM Corporation

Enabling Analysts in Managed Services for CRM Analytics

Indrajit Bhattacharya, IBM Research; Shantanu Godbole*, IBM Research; Ajay Gupta, IBM Research; Ashish Verma, IBM Research; Jeff Achtermann, IBM MBPS; Kevin English, IBM

Entity Discovery and Assignment for Opinion Mining Applications

Xiaowen Ding*, Univ of Illinois at Chicago; Bing Liu, UIC; Lei Zhang, UIC

Grocery Shopping Recommendations Based on Basket-Sensitive Random Walk

Ming Li*, Unilever UK; Malcolm Dias, Unilever UK; Ian Jarman, Liverpool John Moores University; Wael El-Deredy, University of Manchester; Paulo Lisboa, Liverpool John Moores University

Incorporating Site-Level Knowledge for Incremental Crawling of Web Forums: A List-wise Strategy

Jiang-Ming Yang*, Microsoft Research Asia; Rui Cai, Microsoft Research; Chunsong Wang, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Hua Huang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications; Lei Zhang, Microsoft Research Asia; Wei-Ying Ma, Microsoft Research Asia

Intelligent File Scoring System for Malware Detection from the Gray List

Tao Li*, Florida International University Learning Dynamic Temporal Graphs for Oil-drilling Equipment Monitoring System Yan Liu*, IBM Research; Jayant Kalagnanam

Migration Motif: A Spatial-Temporal Pattern Mining Approach for Financial Markets

Xiaoxi Du, KSU; Ruoming Jin*, Kent State University; Liang Ding, Kent State University; Victor Lee, Kent State University; John Thornton, Kent State University

Mining Brain Region Connectivity for Alzheimer’s Disease Study via Sparse Inverse Covariance Estimation

Liang Sun*, Arizona State University; Rinkal Patel, Arizona State University; Jun Liu, Arizona State University; Kewei Chen, Neuroimaging Banner Alzheimer’s Institute; Teresa Wu, Arizona State University; Jing Li, Arizona State University; Eric Reiman, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute and Banner PET Center; Jieping Ye, Arizona State University

Modeling and Predicting User Behavior in Sponsored Search

Joshua Attenberg*, NYU Polytechnic Institute; Torsten Suel, Yahoo Research; Sandeep Pandey, Yahoo Research

Named Entity Mining from Click-Through Log Using Weakly Supervised Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Gu Xu*, Microsoft Research Asia; Shuang-Hong Yang, Georgia Tech; Hang Li, Microsoft Research Asia

Network Anomaly Detection based on Eigen Equation Compression

Shunsuke Hirose*, NEC Corporation; Kenji Yamanishi, ; Takayuki Nakata, ; Ryohei Fujimaki

OLAP on Search Logs: An Infrastructure Supporting Data-Driven Applications in Search Engines

Bin Zhou, Simon Fraser University; Daxin Jiang*, MSRA; Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University; Hang Li, Microsoft Research Asia

OpinionMiner: A Machine Learning System for Web Opinion Mining and Extraction

Wei Jin*, North Dakota State University; Hung Hay Ho

Pervasive Parallelism in Data Mining: Dataflow solution to Co-clustering Large and Sparse Netflix Data

Srivatsava Daruru, University of Texas at Austin; Nena Marin*, Pervasive Software; Matthew Walker, Pervasive Software; Joydeep Ghosh, The University of Texas at Austin

Predicting Bounce Rates in Sponsored Search Advertisements

D. Sculley*, Google, Inc.; Robert Malkin, Google, Inc; Sugato Basu, Google, Inc; Roberto Bayardo, Google

PSkip: Estimating relevance ranking quality from web search clickthrough data

Kuansan Wang*, Microsoft Research; Toby Walker, ; Zijian Zheng

Query Result Clustering for Object-level Search

Jongwuk Lee, ; Seung-won Hwang*, Postech; Zaiqing Nie, ; Ji-Rong Wen, Microsoft Research Asia

Improving Classification Accuracy Using Automatically Extracted Training Data

Ariel Fuxman*, Microsoft, USA; Anitha Kanna, Microsoft, USA; Andrew Goldberg, University of Wisconsin; Rakesh Agrawal, Microsoft; Panayiotis Tsaparas, Microsoft

Sentiment Analysis of Blogs by Combining Lexical Knowledge with Text Classification

Prem Melville*, IBM; Wojciech Gryc, ; Richard Lawrence, IBM, USA

Seven Pitfalls to Avoid when Running Controlled Experiments on the Web

Thomas Crook, Microsoft; Brian Frasca, Microsoft; Ron Kohavi*, Microsoft; Roger Longbotham, Microsoft

SNARE: A Link Analytic System for Graph Labeling and Risk Detection

Mary McGlohon*, Carnegie Mellon University; Stephen Bay, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Markus Anderle, PricewaterhouseCoopers; David Steier, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Christos Faloutsos, CMU

Sustainable Operation and Management of Data Center Chillers using Temporal Data Mining

Debprakash Patnaik, Virginia Tech; Manish Marwah, HP Labs; Ratnesh Sharma, HP Labs; Naren Ramakrishnan*, Virginia Tech

Towards a Universal Marketplace over the Web: Statistical Multi-label Classification of Service Provider Forms with Simulated Annealing

Kivanc Ozonat*, HP Labs

Towards Combining Web Classification and Web Information Extraction: A Case Study

Ping Luo*, HP Labs China

Source – http://www.kdd.org/kdd/2009/papers.html

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