KXEN and a Data Mining Survey

Recently KXEN, the data mining and modeling automation company which has also pioneered social network analytics software came in for a bit of customer love in a data mining survey.


As per the site

KXENs next generation automated data mining software is a strategic solution for 90% of user organizations and has won their support and praise in a new customer satisfaction survey, the findings of which are revealed today.

Of almost 2,000 users polled 90% of those responding said the company’s advanced analytics software was strategic to their activity, 87% were highly or very highly satisfied and 85% agreed the software had met or exceeded all of their expectations. The results underscore KXEN’s growing importance in a market traditionally dominated by more costly, harder to use first generation offerings.

KXENs analytic software was also highly rated for its simple, clear interface with all respondents agreeing that KXEN solutions were easy to use, and 90% stating its new graphical front end had brought yet more usability benefits. Confirming these findings, users responding included sales, marketing and other line of business staff as well as specialist analysts, data miners, academics and statisticians.

Turning to the results of using KXENs software, 98% of all those responding stated it had improved their overall business with the same number agreeing it had speeded up their data modeling activities. 96% said KXEN had increased the value of predictive analytics in their companies.

Of course there are numerous surveys (including probably the best is from KD Nuggets) and I am trying to find the raw data and samples for this survey as I write. But it is a promising step up for a company I have admired since 2004, when I first tested it, and as late as last year I was building online models with it. Predictably Roger Hadaad whom we interviewed in January 2009 was all praise for his team and its splendid product. Well Done, guys take a bow- it is about time ! A great example of a company that builds innovative analytics quitely without getting into any tangles with open source or business intellgence sentiments.

Ajay- I am a consultant to KXEN for Social Networks Analysis.

Author: Ajay Ohri


One thought on “KXEN and a Data Mining Survey”

  1. Interesting stuff. Thanks for posting about it.

    If you are interested in surveys about data mining, you may be interested in the Annual Rexer Analytics Data Miner Survey. After discussing these topics with data miners at many IEEE and KDD conferences, in 2007 we decided to start an annual survey. Each year we ask data miners to participate and we ask questions about their data, algorithms, tools, challenges, and many other things. Each year we solicit feedback and ideas from the participants, and the survey is updated to include many of these ideas. We just completed data collection for our third annual survey, and we had 710 respondents from 58 countries. This year’s survey included questions about satisfaction with one’s primary data mining tool — so it will be interesting to see how our results compare to the KXEN survey. We make our summary report available to everyone (free). Anyone who wants to receive last year’s summary report should check our website (www.RexerAnalytics.com) or contact me directly (krexer@RexerAnalytics.com).

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