Offshoring and Technology

The world is getting flat. Despite Microsoft s attempts to  reduce Indian h1 visa holders by sending some of them home and then remote working from there. Who needs immigration when you can work at a low cost location near your family using Skype, PayPal ,and a secure remote desktop.Nobody reminding you that you are two shades lighter and your cost is lower so you should charge lower rates. Like charge less than an illegal Mexican immigrant sweeping the garbage.You don’t need health care in India, you fall sick there are tens of millions others hungrier and younger who will work at 5 $ /hour lower than you would.or 5 $ a hour lower than the Mexican janitor would.

But thanks to technology you can compete with the Boston Brahmins without going to Boston. If American people can work from their homes and tele-commute for US companies in the US- they can certainly work for US companies sitting on a beach at Pataya. No Hb1 visas are needed for hiring mathematicians in East Europe just internet connection, Skype, PayPal and a remote desktop connection.

And I have a dream-The only color that matters will be grey the color of your brain cells.And green the color of environment and the money you get.

Comprendez vous ?

Author: Ajay Ohri

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