Featured Event : Using Web 2.0 for Sales 2X

How do you take the proven fundamentals of good selling and apply them to social networking? What Web 2.0 tools should you as a sales professional be utilizing to find new prospects and keep the customers you have loyal?

Sales executives are quickly discovering there is real business value in online connections. The Customer Collective, the online community for sales and marketing professionals, presents this free webcast to provide sales and marketing professionals with the knowledge they need to use social media to find and sell to new customers, as well as keep the ones they currently have close to home. Our expert panel will help you identify the new techniques and tools available to help you develop a Web 2.0 enabled sales strategy for 2009 and beyond.

Tune in to a live interactive discussion with a panel of sales experts, and get your questions answered. Don’t miss your chance to hear from:

Mark Woollen,Oracle
Christopher Carfi,Cerado Inc.
Anneke Seley,Phone Works

If you’re looking for ways to measurably increase your sales team’s effectiveness, don’t wait. Register now and:

Learn how social networks and Web 2.0 help sales professionals be more effective.
Become the trusted advisor your clients are looking for who ultimately wins the deal.
Discuss effective low cost/no cost methods you can put in place now.

See the results of our TCC survey, and learn how Web 2.0 enables salespeople to easily communicate with prospects, collaborate with other sales professionals, and garner relevant content.                                                                   

Social Selling: Live Q&A on Selling with Web 2.0

11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST March 31, 2009    

Link to:       


(Ajay- I work as a contracting consultant with the SMT group as community evangelist and moderator for the Smart Data Collective , an online community of BI and Data Mining Professionals and for Social Media Today School Which is a site to help aggregate tips ,tutorials and how to master Web 2.0 tools)

Author: Ajay Ohri


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