A Farewell to Guns

A 17 yr old teenage German shot and killed 15 people at his former high school and was killed himself. In Alabama ten people are dead including a family that was wiped out. A mentally disturbed ethnic Korean student killed 30 people in Virginia tech before shooting himself. Supporters of guns including the NRA, ex Army types , plain rural hunting people continue to cling to guns and will do more so as the economic environment worsens.

These people abuse the semantics of the American Second Amendment which provided for arms for a militia , but my friend ,teenagers do not constitute militia nor do mentally disturbed students.With the worlds most expensive and powerful army do they still need a militia. While applying to and getting bailouts from the Government do they still need individual gun rights.

In California an ethic Chinese engineer shot and killed his boss and head of Hr before surrendering. Bad Bosses are nothing new yet this marks a new low in free availability and abuse of weapons.Violence and anger have no creed , or ethnicity.

A gun in the hand of a person untrained in the implications of gun shot wounds is as lethal a weapon like a deadly poison snake whose fangs have been temporarily been trimmed. If you ask a layman to operate surgery without teaching him how to use a scalpel he could do much less damage than semi automatic weapons in immature and still malleable minds , who resort to binges of violence and outbursts.

The gun trade has thrived on the misery of a few victims and the mirth of many supporters. Researchers use billions of dollars to find cures to diseases that kill people, yet the common sense cure for shot gun ,hand gun , automatic domestic guns is missing- Ban these guns. They are of no use in the military at all hand guns lack effective offensive ranges and they are increasingly killing too many innocent people.

Charlton Heston is dead- and it is time to pry the guns from his cold dead hands.

Author: Ajay Ohri


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