ND_FilmingContinuing with the Slumdog Millionaire celebrations in India , we have an interview here at DecisionStats with an up and coming intense Indian film maker. Nitin Dash is a creative film maker based out of India. He has created movies like the science fiction movie Formula 69 , short videos like 500 (see below) . He gave up a corporate career after 5 tears of corporate experience and after studying at the renowned  Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow to pursue his creative side. Here in a candid interview , Nitin discusses the things that motivate him and passes some tips for home movie making. Coming from a person that has 200,000 plus views on his YouTube video , it is nifty and useful advice.


Ajay – What has been your educational and career journey so far . 

Nitin- Finished my MBA from IIML in 2000. Worked for 5 years in the corporate media sector.. Did a short 6- month course in filmmaking from New York in  2005. Started my own film production company  Filmkaar Productions.. www.filmkaar.com

Ajay – What inspires your art. What are the key things that made you decide to take a leap into movie direction from the corporate world.

Nitin – I find inspiration from people around me. A common man , his life and the simple conflicts and challenges that make it interesting..
I felt that the corporate world was stifling my creativity and the work was very operational and mundane. I had some friends from Jamia mass comm.. school. We got together and started making short films over the weekend. After a few months I decided that film making is my calling in life.

Ajay – I have a Sony hand camera and I would like to be Steven Spielberg while shooting my son’s videos. Comment please. Give me 5 bullet points or tips.

Nitin –  The following links would help you.


Learn windows moviemaker. It is a very simple to learn and easy to use software and already installed on PC’s with windows xp / vista

Ajay- How effective do you think is viral marketing . What paradigm changes do you think have Web 2.0 ,blogs, YouTube brought about in the traditional content business.

Nitin- Viral marketing is very effective, but the content has to be right. Getting a good
content that turns into a viral is very difficult and most of the times unpredictable. Web 2.0 has given access to people to express their creativity and share it with the world.

Ajay-What do you think about the  casting couch as a director ? 1 line comment please

Nitin- It’s unofficial term for networking in the film industry.

Ajay- What has been your most successful movie- short film. Which short movie do you like the most and why ?

A magical tale about a young boy who finds a solution for Global Warming from a monk in the mountains. I like the simplicity of the story and the beautiful location it is shot in.

Ajay- Well there is no telling when Nitin would bring home an Oscar , but you can preview a short 2 minute video by him. Its called 500 and describes how different people would spend Rs 500 if they found it. Simple and powerful on the ways money moves us in different ways-and the social disparities in India shining.


 Filmkaar Productions has been set up to promote thought provoking cinema.To create entertaining films that are socially relevant. Engaging films that can transform minds.Our mission is to make ‘Extraordinary films with Ordinary people’. Visit them at www.filmkaar.com

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