The $1 Bailout

Psst ! Wanna save some money for your organization. Lead a shareholder’s rally to accept federal bailout of a dollar. That puts a cap of $500,000 on the CEO’s salary. Easily the most profitable 1$ your company ever borrowed.

Where would all the CEO’s go ?Japan, China ,India pay less than this mostly. Unless you were the original owner of the company.

The top starting salary at my business school used to be $125,000  (that’s for locations out of US or UK). The top guy used to be hated by all the batch as his name got splashed in the newspapers , prompting the rest of parents to ask their child-

Hey , Why does he get so much while you don’t ? ( Now he wont)

On a serious note: If so many companies are declaring losses, that they will carry over on their books,they will actually get a tax benefit for the loss, as well as the bailout money at low rates of interest. Oh well, at least the CEO wont get rich ( if you think that half a million dollars is not rich).

There is something wrong in a world where a tea stall owner ( like in the movie Slumdog Millionaire)……….Wait ! There is something strange in a world where a tea stall owner makes more money than Citigroup and General Motors .Combined. But makes a thousand times less than their boss.

Do you make more money than Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers ? Write in and share your perspectives.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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