Yes We Can

In the middle of a million parties,

television pundits who tell the story,

in a fine hour, after too many dark ones have passed,

Rose a single man to claim his destiny and glory.


His young shoulders narrowed ,

Aware of the profoundness of this time,

He tentatively summons his God-gifted oratory,

As a million people wait and chime.

Yes We Can,

We are glad to know,

Yes We always did,

countless times before.

Thanks again,

they want to shout.

To the solitary man, who

alone on top is crouched.

We almost lost hope,�

times become so bad.

Till you reminded us,

of the power we had.

The man pauses , in

the middle of the speech,

Looks around ,all about,

The people he reached.

A million times , he may�have

achieved now the dream ,

Of parents, natural and ethereal,

Its �the start , he says,of rebuilding as a team.

Yes We can,�Yes We Will.

Together we broke it,

Together we rebuild.


Author: Ajay Ohri

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