Flying with the Cougars- Extract from Upcoming Book

Previously-An American Software Guy in an Austin plane

I couldn’t make it to New York. Cougar Airlines wanted $250 for that.Even though the airlines’ staff in Austin told me they were willing to delaymy flight for free provided I delay the Austin leg as well (thanks to the overbooking phenomenon).When I pressed my point, the chief customer service lady kind of threw my passport back and waved her hand.I then tried to complain about her- but she interrupted the complaint process by stating thatif she wanted to, she could get me taken off the plane as a “suspicious guy.”(I am brown, five feet ten inches, and lean. )

Her supervisor came, smooth-talked me and said he would take care of it.But I’m not thinking he’s going to do anything because he did not take an elaborate complaint from me.
This pissed me off to levels that I haven’t reached in ages.
So I went into the NewArk Airport meditation room and found only Christian and Muslim prayer matsthere.
I used to be a Hindu before I converted to American football as a religion.No football there.
After lying down (in the Christian section) for a while, I remembered that they threw anIndian called “Gandhi” off the train some 120 years ago too. I understood what I needed todo to get back.
So I put up a sign saying ” Silent Protest against Rude Racist behavior of Cougar Airlines”and took my shoes and sat down next to the young travelers’ section on the ground in frontof the Cougar Airlines office. Cougar Airlines then complained to the customs chief thatI was disturbing people and disrupting traffic.
(I was on the edge of the corridor).

So came the blue-clad people of NewArk Airport’s police in gloves and with trench sticks.I refused to say anything but pointed with silence that it was 6:30 pm and I wouldleave at 7:40 pm boarding time on my ticket, which I had kept near my protest site.
I was handcuffed and arrested. My passport was scanned and a background check was run.Finally, they escorted me to my airplane. (I think I was actually being deported).I was disturbing the peace by being totally silent .The cops were superbly professionaland took off my handcuffs after a while, though I didn’t like the threats of being detained for a month.
There was nothing else I could do,but to protest by refusing to eat Cougar airlinesfood for the 16 hour flight. So I didn’t reach New York to show my poetry book around,but I guess that was just my Karma.

Fortunately, in India, I am just an ordinary guy.Like a billion other brownies.
NEXT – Epliogue
Note-“Flying with the Cougars” is a Fictionalized exaggerated book (like Oliver Stone’s historical format)and a prose novel.It is not a poetry book based on my experiences with poetry sales.
It deals with a 2 week travel of a young brown guy to the United States.Cougars refers to older women and sometimes men who prey on younger men in the US.Most US airlines have older (35+) air hostess.
DISCLAIMER-Any resemblance with reality is purely coincidental. All copyrights are reserved.Contact me in case interested for publishing or movie rights.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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