Interesting Times

Caught the news on my way home again

The stocks are down† , the markets are pained.

Bailed out, or merged out- The big guys remain the same,

While you and me are small ,thus fair game.

So while we work harder for our peanuts,

Our leaders mortgage our foreclosed huts.

Because rich is rich and will always be so,

When times become tough, smaller fish have to go.

Efficiency, performance linked productivity gains

Are the excuses they use to dole out pains.

While the big guys have their meatball,

The little guys kneel and crawl.

We live in interesting times,

Globalized pleasures and globalized pain.

The more things change,The more

they remain the same.

Globalized finances† of global lenders.

Globalized lies of global leaders,

By the time you realize this, your retirement savings are gone.

Your house is half its value, and the game is over

Author: Ajay Ohri

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