The Unlucky President Quiz

Please answer the following questions about US Presidents.

1) On which President’s watch, did America suffer the worst mainland continental attack in terms of casualties in over a hundred years ?

2) Who is the only President who was elected President after intervention from the Supreme Court, despite losing the popular vote ?

3) Under which Presidential regime did the United States of America become known more as a Christian nation rather than a nation which treats all faiths equally ?

4) Which President supported funding for challenging Darwin’s theory of evolution ?

Also US Presidents
Also US Presidents

5) In more than 75 years , under which President did Wall Street have the biggest crisis ?

6) Which President was censured by the UN security general as launching an “invasion” which eventually killed more troops than any War since Vietnam.

7) On whose watch did the US suffer the worst rescue efforts on Hurricanes.

Who is more unlucky ?

The Unluckiest President or the people under him.

Think before answering the quiz.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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