The Nutty Blogger

Note from Ajay- This is a movie plot idea, hence this is fully copyrighted with me and excluded from the normal copyright policy above.

Plot begins with a normal guy, okay job, introduced to blogging. Likes it, likes the online attention. Starts building up a base.He writes a tech blog that mostly focuses on bugs at tech companies, their discount policy ,their mutual relationship with academia. Heck he says , these guys are making money because of information assymmetry and lobbying for extending copyrights forever on software unlike limited period copyrights on say pharma drugs. The blog goes more popular, it gets more attention, the wrong attention. The Lonely Old man , now gone mad, spots a post which criticizes his beloved company. At 80, with children gone, that legacv is all he got. So what, he says, I earned money to give it back to my boys at the company.

He calls in the specialists, who start tracking the by now obsessed blogger. They move slowly gathering facts , then Boom !!! Blog Boy loses his job, because company feels its a recession, his wife gives up at this final straw, she did warn him on too much time wasted on blogging and leaves,

The Lonely young man, now gone angry spots a pattern. At 30, with his kids gone, the Blog Comp and the Blog Dog is all he got. So he slowly builds an online team of people he meets online, through voice, webcam, and single dating. He builds his team of bloggers.They move slowly gathering facts, then Boom !!

Random posts warn of bugs in software, rumours crop up of secret data gathering code imbedded, of privacy violations, using offshore labor which is cheap.

Old man , loses his patience, rashly goes to sue. In a passionate defence in climax, the Blog Boy admits all, and presents the facts, how the bog copr duped the little guys. he gets a suspended sentence, and the blond pro bono lawyer defending him . Old man hangs up his mouse to play golf. They all go home, and the audience feels better watching the movie in a tough economy.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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