Review:Iron(ic) Man

Review:Iron(ic) Man 2008

And what would you call a movie thats part loveable Marvel hero,part James Bond humor and part brilliant casting coups. As for this year, uptil now you can call it Iron Man. While The Dark Knight, or even the soon awaited Will Smith ….starring Hancock may soon be the top grossing comic super hero based movie grosser,

this one tugs at your heart,the corner of your lips and your eyes.

Yeah Baby!



Iron man stars a billionaire playboy ,sardonic,sometimes comically ironic , and reformed arms dealer Tony Stark …………played ironically by a reformed and still twinkling eyed Robert Downey Jr).Stark after a series of unfortunate events in Afghan caves decides brilliant minds ,and corporate money can be better put to use than corporate wars and weapons design.

Yes small and subtle war messages even in mainstream movies nowadays, but the chemistry between the Stark and Miss Potts (played by a still so lovely, and where have you been Mrs Coldplay……Gwenyth Paltrow) is remarkable.. and so are the movie effects, The computer generated imagery is so good .. it seems as if not generated by computers.

Watch it with your family, kids, your love, or with your college mates. This is Hollywood at it’s entertaining best !!!


Review -Sarkar Raj


Review -Bollywood Version of Godfather2 :Sarkar Raj

Okay , its not as good as Sarkar , the original “tribute” to Copolla’s classic Godfather by the maverick down again , up again desi Tarintino ,Ram Gopal Verma (who returns as director ). But thats true even of Godfather 2, and most sequels .

The good news – it is good enough for fans of pulp fiction style, violence ,strategy and intelligent movies. All and out a guy’s movie, Sarkar Raj is faster, bloodier , resorts to more camera tricks as if RGV is trying to prove something, and by the end of the movie he proves why he is the best director of violent Bollywood movies in the past two decades.

A stellar star cast by India ‘s first family of acting, sees a violent and overweight Abhishek Bachhan playing Shanker “Remorseless” Nagre, Aishwarya Rai Bachhan playing beautiful ,and unwitting trap for him, and Amitabh as the aging and still defiant patriach. With a few hints to the Enron power project in Maharashtra , some classic Marathi pandering and even bold Thackeray family like hints (including the suffix “Raj” .)…this one is for you to go with your beer drinking buddies alone…… and enjoy. Definitely paisa wasool (thats value for money in Hindi) for a watch, and go with the subtitles version …it works equally well.


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