The Top Decisionstats Articles -Part 2 Business Intelligence and Data Quality

I am self convinced novice at business intelligence. I understand the broad concepts, understand reporting tools, and definitely forecasting tools. But the whole systems view baffles me enough. Fortunately I have been learning from some of the best writers in this field. Here in order of circulation are the top Business Intelligence articles.

Business Intelligence

1) Jill Dyche

Jill is a fabulously wise and experienced person with a great writing style. Here answers were some of the most educative I have seen in Bi writing.

2) Peter Thomas

The best of British BI is epitomized by Peter Thomas, and he is truly a European giant when it comes to the field. His worst weakness is a tendency to disappear when Test cricket is around- but that is

eminently understable. I can relate to the cricket as well.

3) Karen Lopez

Karen gives an excellent insight on creating mock ups or data models before actual implementation. She has worked on it for three decades and her wisdom is clearly visible here.

Data Quality

Data quality is such an overlooked and easy to fix issue, that I belive any BI vendor that builds the best, most robust data quality architechture will gain the maximum Pareto like benefits out of results. Curiously competing BI vendors will often compete on price, grahics appeal, etc etc, but the easy Garbage In Garbage Out rule is something they should consider. The Data Quality Interviews gave me an important tutorial in these aspects of data management.

1) Jim Harris

Jim is an one man army when it comes to evangelizing data quality and his OCDQ blog is widely read and cited.

2) Steve Sarsfield

His excellent book is the one must read item that people in cost cutting corporations should buy especially if they are considering to go down the Davenport competing on analytics model.

( To be continued- Part 3 Modeling and Text Mining

Part 4 Social Media

Part 5 Humour and Poetry )

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