Mad Max Movie Review : Why Fury Road is so awesome

  1. They didnot use computer generated effects, they used human generated effects.
  2. They made sure 3D was actually realistic and not just a rip off to charge more money.
  3. Tom Hardy and Theron are awesome actors. So are Hoult. No the splendid wifey was not a splendid actress again.
  4. The same director and the same villain as 1979! movie
  5. Design ! Design !
  6. Witness the V8 riding off to Valhalla.
  7. The sound track was actually appropriate to the context and delivered!
  8. Double guitar throwing flames from a guitarist suspended in air in a truck full of speakers and drum players!
  9. Mechanical Engineering is much more cool than Computer Science engineering in terms of visual effects :-p
  10. I wish Mel Gibson had made a cameo. or Tina Turner!

DecisionStats Summer School in Delhi 2015 #rstats

This summer get a foothold in the world of data science. These are in classroom trainings for Delhi India and all prices are in INR only.

If you are interested apply here-

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  • Bring your own device. Hardware – with >2GB RAM and >20 GB Hard Disk Free
  • Eligibility Criterion – People Interested in a career as a data scientist. No prior skills are required but statistics and programming can help.
  • 1 class is of 2.5 hours followed by a break of 1 hour . Each Day has two classes per batch

Course Details

15 – 16 June 17- 18 June 19 June – 22 ,23,24 June 25 -26 June
Course Name Introduction to

Data Science

Introduction to Analytics

using Python

Introduction to

Analytics using R

SAS Language


Hours 10 10 20 10
Classes 4 4 8 4
Days 2 2 4 2
Cost 8000

Taking all four courses gives you a saving of 80% with 50 hours total class time.

Instructor will teach in person and open for clearing doubts on the spot.

Course Outline

Basics of Data Science Introduction to Python Introduction to R Introduction to Interface
Basics of Analytics Introduction to iPython Introduction to R Studio Introduction to SAS language
LTV Analysis Introduction to Pandas Introduction to R Data Step
LTV Analysis Quiz Introduction to iPython Notebook Introduction to Rattle Proc Print
RFM Analysis IDE- IDLE and Spyder Deducer Proc Means and Proc Freq
RFM Analysis Quiz Python 1 Quiz R Quiz 1 SAS Quiz 1
Basic Stats Data Input Data Input Proc Univariate
Introduction to Modeling Data Analysis Data Analysis Do loops
Data Summarization Data Summarization Proc sgplot
Introduction to Google Analytics Data Visualization Data Visualization Proc SQL
Blogging Data Output Data Output SAS Macro Language
Web Analytics Quiz Ipython 2 Quiz R Quiz 2 menu driven options
data.table ODS Output
sports analytics SAS Quiz 2
regression model
data mining
R Quiz 3
social network analysis
text mining
time series forecasting
Using apis
association analysis
R Quiz 4
spatial analytics
Using Github
R Quiz 5

If you are interested apply here-

Has Your Data Become Overwhelming?

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