Not just a Cloud

While browsing the rather content heavy site of Oracle, I came across this interesting white paper on cloud computing. Platform-as-a-Service Private Cloud with Oracle Fusion Middleware at It basically says that Oracle has the following offerings for PaaS- Application grid Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Suite Oracle WebCenter Suite Oracle Identity … Continue reading “Not just a Cloud”

Interview Professor John Fox Creator R Commander

Here is an interview with Prof John Fox, creator of the very popular R language based GUI, RCmdr. Ajay- Describe your career in science from your high school days to the science books you have written. What do you think can be done to increase interest in science in young people. John Fox- I’m a … Continue reading “Interview Professor John Fox Creator R Commander”

Decisionstats Interviews

Here is a list of interviews that I have published- these are specific to analytics and data mining and include only the most recent interviews. If I have missed out any notable recent interview related to analytics and data mining, kindly do let me know. Hat Tip to Karl Rexer, for this suggestion . Date    … Continue reading “Decisionstats Interviews”

Conferences: KXEN and KDD 09

Here is an announcement regarding one of the foremost conferences on Knowledge Discovery KDD 2009 which is being held in Paris. We have interviewed the joint general chair of the conference, KXEN’s Francoise Soulie Fogelman here at Indeed given KXEN’s exciting release of their social network analysis software, KSN they are also gold sponsors … Continue reading “Conferences: KXEN and KDD 09”

Interview David Smith REvolution Computing

Here is an Interview with REvolution Computing’s Director of Community David Smith. ” Our development team spent more than six months making R work on 64-bit Windows (and optimizing it for speed), which we released as REvolution R Enterprise bundled with ParallelR.” David Smith – Ajay -Tell us about your journey in science. In particular tell … Continue reading “Interview David Smith REvolution Computing”

Using Web 2.0 for Analytics 2.0

Here is a great video tutorial on You Tube by Zementis, creator of ADAPA,the cloud scoring engine for next gen predictive analytics. You can watch it on the URL or below-   A few weeks back, I was working with the ADAPA engine on a consulting gig, and Ron Ramos, the head of sales … Continue reading “Using Web 2.0 for Analytics 2.0”