Cloud say hello to R. R say hello to Cloud.

Here is a terrific project from Biocep which I have covered before in January at But with some exciting steps ahead at Basically add open source R , create a user friendly GUI, host it on a cloud computer to better crunch data, and save hardware costs as well. Basically upload, crunch data, … Continue reading “Cloud say hello to R. R say hello to Cloud.”

Interview:Richard Schultz , CEO REvolution Computing

Here is an interview with the CEO of REvolution Computing, Richard Schultz. Mr. Schultz offers his perspectives on aspects of the open source, predictive analytics, cloud computing as well his vision for R Commercial. Note from Ajay-As I blogged previously, commercial establishments now have an option to use R commercially with a full service contract … Continue reading “Interview:Richard Schultz , CEO REvolution Computing”

R and Cloud Computing

Here is a good site for using R for cloud computing. It is called Biocep. Biocep is a general unified open source Java solution for integrating and virtualizing the access to R engines/servers. It aims to become a federative user-friendly computational e-platform for research, finance and education. The Biocep virtual workbench provides a framework … Continue reading “R and Cloud Computing”

R for Recession

Here is how you can use R ( the software) to beat recession. A new plugin just came out by Li for WordPress pages for R Web Interfaces. You can also do R analysis straight from the Web here –   Using R for The Web Interfaces ( ,hosting them on … Continue reading “R for Recession”

Interview Christoph Waldhauser ‎Founder, CEO at KDSS #rstats #googleplus

Here is an interview with ‎Christoph Waldhauser a noted researcher and the Founder, CEO at KDSS K Data Science Solutions, which is a R based Analytics advisory firm. In a generous and insightful interview, Christoph talks of the perceptions around open source, academia versus startups, Europe and North America for technology and his own journey through … Continue reading “Interview Christoph Waldhauser ‎Founder, CEO at KDSS #rstats #googleplus”