Zementis partners with R Analytics Vendor- Revo

Just got a  PR email from Michael Zeller,CEO , Zementis annoucing Zementis (ADAPA) and Revolution  Analytics just partnered up. Is this something substantial or just time-sharing http://bi.cbronline.com/news/sas-ceo-says-cep-open-source-and-cloud-bi-have-limited-appeal or a Barney Partnership (http://www.dbms2.com/2008/05/08/database-blades-are-not-what-they-used-to-be/) Summary- Thats cloud computing scoring of models on EC2 (Zementis) partnering with the actual modeling software in R (Revolution Analytics RevoDeployR) See previous … Continue reading “Zementis partners with R Analytics Vendor- Revo”

Interview Michael Zeller,CEO Zementis on PMML

Here is a topic specific interview with Micheal Zeller of Zementis on PMML, the de facto standard for data mining. Ajay- What is PMML? Mike- The Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) is the leading standard for statistical and data mining models and supported by all leading analytics vendors and organizations. With PMML, it is straightforward … Continue reading “Interview Michael Zeller,CEO Zementis on PMML”

Interview Ron Ramos, Zementis

  Here is an interview with Ron Ramos, Director , Zementis. Ron Ramos wants to use put predictions for the desktop and servers to the remote  cloud using Zementis ADAPA scoring solution. I have tested the ADAPA solution myself and made some suggestions on tutorials. Zementis is a terrific company with a great product ADAPA … Continue reading “Interview Ron Ramos, Zementis”

KNIME and Zementis shake hands

Two very good and very customer centric (and open source ) companies shook hands on a strategic partnership today. Knime  http://www.knime.org and Zementis http://www.zementis.com . Decision Stats has been covering these companies and both the products are amazing good, synch in very well thanks to the support of the PMML standard and lower costs considerably … Continue reading “KNIME and Zementis shake hands”

Interview –Michael Zeller CEO,Zementis

As mentioned before, Zementis is at the forefront of using Cloud Computing ( Amazon EC2 ) for open source analytics. Recently I came in contact with Michael Zeller for a business problem , and Mike being the gentleman he is not only helped me out but also agreed on an extensive and exclusive interview.(!) Ajay- What … Continue reading “Interview –Michael Zeller CEO,Zementis”

#Rstats gets into Enterprise Cloud Software

Here is an excellent example of how websites should help rather than hinder new customers take a demo of the software without being overwhelmed by sweet talking marketing guys who dont know the difference between heteroskedasticity, probability, odds and likelihood. It is made by Zementis (Dr Michael Zeller has been a frequent guest here) and Revolution Analytics … Continue reading “#Rstats gets into Enterprise Cloud Software”