Modified Ohri Framework

  Some time back, I had created a framework for data mining through on demand cloud computing. This is the next version- it is free to use for all, with only authorship credit back to me…………..   It tries to do away with fixed server ,desktop costs AND fixed software costs in softwares which are … Continue reading “Modified Ohri Framework”

The Ohri Framework – Data Mining on Demand

The Ohri Framework tries to create an economic alternative to proprietary data mining softwares by giving more value to the customer and utilizing open source statistical package R , with the GUI Rattle , hosted on a cloud computing environment. It is based on the following assumptions- 1) R is relatively inefficient in processing bigger … Continue reading “The Ohri Framework – Data Mining on Demand”

A Framework for Diners

I thought of opening my own diner, but how to decide where to locate it ? Note this is a generic model that can also be used to things like shopping malls, or even an service dealership , or any facility that is dependent on nearby population density. Here is the approach and it is called Ohri Dhaba  Framework (in … Continue reading “A Framework for Diners”

A Noisy Algorithm

Here is something I created while having sea food at Pier 39 in San Fransisco- Creating an algorithm for distorting predictive models by generating random noise ( either amplified or reduced sample). Applications- “If you can not convince them, confuse them” Generating white noise like signals to fake and distort noise and signal ratios Aggressive merger … Continue reading “A Noisy Algorithm”