Datacamp launches FREE course in Python for Data Science

Datacamp, the leading provider for R based Data Science courses has just launched their first Python based course.  I have interviewed their founder here some time back. There is more competition now (see DataJoy and DataQuest ) Dataquest offers both Python and R, and tools like scikit-learn and spark (though it is mostly Python based while DataJoy offers an online browser for learning Python and R.

Datacamp also contributes back to the community- they also created both R-fiddle (sadly underutilized given its huge appeal ) as well as the very useful R-Documentation

I went through one exercise in the new Python course – using NumPy and I must say I was pretty impressed by both the attention to detail as well as the balance in the course. Many online courses get  it wrong when they become either too simple or when they try to cram too many things at the same time but that isvery well executed here.

In addition the DataCamp console seemed to work pretty seamlessly given that its a new language for the Datacamp platform.

Existing courses at Datacamp have crossed huge number of viewers and users thanks partly due to it’s generosity in offering the basic course for free and offering unlimited courses for a subscription which is affordable globally (~25$ per month or 1700 INR)

In the new course which is free here Datacamp extends this work to Python



Author: Ajay Ohri

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