So what happened to S Plus

Splus – The corporate version of S ( the predecessor of R) is still being marketed by Tibco corporation- again rumoured to be an acquisition target of  (???)

  • SAS ( who have desired R like capabilties especially in their IML  product to be released soon
  • SAP who lost out to IBM in the SPSS acquisition
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Rogue Wave (acquirer of Visual Numerics)
  • etc etc.

Anyways S Plus is still alive and kicking-

“The S language and the S+ application have been critical to our ability to manage big data objects intrinsic to wind analytics and wind energy development,” said Brad Horn, Director of Wind Analytics at NextEra Energy.  “We credit our long-term interface and Spotfire consulting with unlocking new ideas and sources of value.  Joint dialogue on configuration alternatives and our recent efforts to restructure legacy code is allowing us to transition from simple interactive use of S+ to a customized S+ configuration with integrated batch processing, server load balancing, and parallel processing.  S+ has a central role in supporting internal decisions and our group emphasis on scale, speed, and quality.”

  • Wavelets, Spatial Stats, EnvironmentalStats: Apply statistics for advanced analysis of signal and image data, spatially correlated data, and environmental data.
  • Resampling: Apply resampling techniques, such as bootstrap and permutation tests, to enable the use of standard statistics on smaller data sets.
  • Association Rules: Uncover relationships between variables in large data sets, most commonly to detect purchase patterns (Market Basket Analysis), or in many other areas like web site usage analysis.
  • Recode Values: Easily handle and prepare data from multiple sources by changing the values in a column to a new value.
  • Deployment and Integration:

    • Spotfire Integration: Read and write Spotfire Text Data files, and leverage examples of using Spotfire Professional to visualize, explore and share model results.
    • Custom Java & C++ nodes: Extend Spotfire Miner by writing custom nodes in Java and C++.
    • Remote Script Execution: Execute S+ scripts remotely on S+ Server to offload and distribute intensive jobs.
    • Global Worksheet Parameters: Make workflows more flexible and reusable to interactive and batch applications.
    • FlexBayes: Create more realistic models, provide a natural way to address missing data, and take advantage of prior analysis.

    Data Access and Preparation:

    • New Data File Types: Unlock more data sources by reading new formats including Spotfire Text Data, Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft Access 2007, and Matlab 7.
    • JDBC Access: Access new data sources for analysis with data import and export via the sjdbc library in Spotfire S+ 8.1.


    Author: Ajay Ohri

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