Training in R on the WeekendR in February

I have agreed to teach R on the Weekend. As a change from my usual online trainings these will be in the class. I am collaborating with

For an initial price the cost is Rs 5500 (~100 USD) for 8 sessions of 3 hours each in the classroom. This is only for New Delhi, India as of now.

You can review the course here

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Movie Review – Imitation Game

This is a brilliant movie by the talented Benedict Cumberbatch playing the genius Alan Turing and his war time adventures. It is also a tribute to theĀ  injustice served by gay peopleĀ  by then notions of British Justice and is a dramatized version of the actual true story of the pioneers of cryptology. Alas, their legacy is now in the hands of the GCHQ and NSA to establish digital tyranny and an empire in cyber-space.

Knowing Mr Turing ‘s standards , the world suffered when he was cut down in his prime by pressures brought by official governmental machinery after they had used him through for their own ends.

Watch it and admire the father of Computer Science.

Denial of Freedom to Laugh

What is common between somebody hacking a movie studio to stop the release of a critical movie and somebody killing some cartoonists in Paris. Both are examples of terrorism (one digital, the other physical)

Both deny your freedom to laugh at silly stuff.

This is the same reason I deplore denial of service attacks on websites that are critical to your ideas ( with the possible exception of paedophiles). Terror recruiting websites should be monitored by analytics not shut down by attacks.

The difference between the good guys and the bad guys is not just the reasons they do nasty stuff, it is also in their methods.

The internet needs more freedom not more regulation. Attempts to do so shall just cause activists to create technology that bypass future web anaytics in a more damaging way that current Tor projects do.

Creation of browsers that have both bit torrents and tor embedded by default could be one such example.Screenshot from 2015-01-16 20:08:49