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Happy Fourth of July


Thank you America-

for creating in no particular order of importance or chrnology

The Internet , The Atom Bomb and Men on the Moon

Hollywood Movies and Cartoons and Comics and Bbq Burgers,

Chewing gum and Rock and Roll and Stand up Comedy,

Basketball and American Football, and Sports Marketing

but on the whole, just have a good time.


Interview – first Big Data Conference

From time to time, I revisit the past just to ensure I am not choking on the same spin or hype bullshit I resent in this world of marketing the worlds perfect software (everyone claims to be it, noone is it)

From the very first Big Data conference ever (and kudos to Steve Wooledge at AsterData for coining the buzz word of the decade- BIG DATA)- a two year old interview.

Is it relevant- or outdated.



Movie Review- X Men First Class

This is a movie that restores faith in the good old art of story telling with completely realistic but not in the face Computer Generated Effects.

Both Charles (as Prof X) and Erik (as Magneto) are awesome, but Erik steals the show as Michael FAsbbender plays the avenging Holocaust victim with complete and ruthless abandon. The use of Mad Men like costumes, and the flashback to history was awesome too, but the Russians were bad- same old chaps we have seen playing Russians in dozens of movies , slurring over their Rs. The interpolation of JFK, Cuban Missile Crisis and even the 1960’s chauvinistic humor really add on to this movie.

Watch it- good for both family and friends. Kevin Bacon is a steal, and lots of talented actors now join the Kevin Bacon game.



Updated Blogging Policy for Decisionstats.com

Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai

Image via Wikipedia

Do android hackers tweet about electric sheep?

Here is a very amusing site where bunch of hackers discuss black hat techniques to game social media- they meet in the MJ website. LOL

Thats actually the official MJ website. (also see my Poem on MJ at


and http://decisionstats.com/2009/12/01/obama-and-mj-on-history/)

But back to the funny twitter gamers



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Amman, Jordan

The Best Royal Wedding Image of England

The sun never set on the British Empire. Not even in Farmville. …………………………..Datagandhi gives up.


once in a blue moon
you may experience a black day
out of the blue
your plans and your blueprint will falter

your blue blood is no longer a guarantee
for continued red carpets and
being born to the purple no cure
to never feeling blue

you may blanche,turn pale, show a yellow liver,
you may be caught in an area so grey,
your face grows red in surprise,
your friends declare you a white elephant,
your friendship terminated without a pink slip,
a black sheep, with the balance sheet in red

wait till it snows
for white Christmas to come
for the white lies to fade
soon spring will be here
greener pastures, still waters beckon
to a world of color not just black and white.


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