Cloud Computing for Christmas

My second book – R for Cloud Computing : An Approach for Data Scientists is now ready for sale ( ebook). Softcover should be available within a month. Some of you have already booked an online review copy. It has taken me 2 years to write this book, and as always I accept all feedback on how to be a better writer.

I would like to especially thank Hannah Bracken of Springer Publishing for this.

and I dedicate this book to my 7 year son Kush.

Screenshot from 2014-12-10 10:23:45

Everything that is good in me, come from your love, Kush

Running Proc Nice

It has been brought to my attention Through a LinkedIN message) that I have not been playing nice to people who have always been nice to me. I apologize. I am neither pro or anti open source  as of now in 2014, but I do like good software. I like the freedom that developer editions give. Since I dont code in C, Jave , C++ , showing me source code or not is of little use. I also dislike bullshit by some companies that take free code from open source community as an excuse to subsidize their research and development costs, but are selective about sharing both profits and code with the creators. People who create should be respected, and paid. Atleast more than talkative photogenic bloggers. I need to work on my anger management (not with Charlie Sheen). At 37 yrs old I cant afford to piss off people just because I am the cool hacker boy round the block. Regards, Ajay Ohri cc-

R for Business Analytics now in Chinese

Email from Springer to me-


Dear Dr. Ohri,

Springer SBM is pleased to inform you that we have concluded a contract for the Chinese translation of your book:
R for Business Analytics
Edition Number: 1 (2013)
Mr. A Ohri

We trust you are as enthusiastic about this opportunity to distribute your book as we are.

The publisher of the translation is: Xi’an Jiaotong University Press.

The financial conditions we agreed upon are:
A flat fee of EUR XXXX  for 3,000 copies, payable upon conclusion of the agreement but not later than 60 days thereafter. (Please note that this fee is subject to tax deductions of 15.77%, imposed by the licensee’s country.)

Upon receiving the payment, we will ask our accounts department to transfer your shares to you, according to your contract with Springer. The share will then be shown on the next royalty statement you’ll receive.

Upon publication you would receive 4 complimentary copies.

In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With best wishes,


Rights and Permissions


For the book in English- see right margin!