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Cloud Computing for Christmas

My second book – R for Cloud Computing : An Approach for Data Scientists is now ready for sale ( ebook). Softcover should be available within a month. Some of you have already booked an online review copy. It has taken me 2 years to write this book, and as always I accept all feedback on how to be a better writer.

I would like to especially thank Hannah Bracken of Springer Publishing for this.

and I dedicate this book to my 7 year son Kush.


Screenshot from 2014-12-10 10:23:45

Everything that is good in me, come from your love, Kush

Movie Review X Men Days of Future Past

The great thing about the movie is the story and the cast. The worst thing is you still end up cheering for Peter Dinklage. Wolverine is grayer ( which is surprising since he did not age right) and both Patrick Stewart and Gandalf the Grey look a wee bit subdued. The younger Magneto and Xavier though end up owning the show. The actor playing Nixon looked plastic. How did a guy with a nose like that ever get elected?

Fun time- awesome plot- Bryan Singer returns to prime form. Alas, this may be one over milked franchise if they decide to sequel it. This is the perfect ending!x-men-days-of-future-past22

Movie Review – Two States (Bollywood 2014)

As a Punjabi engineer turned IIM MBA, who turns into a writer after marrying a woman from a different state (that’s me here!) , I was a bit apprehensive on how good or bad this movie could be. It was a relief and indeed a joy to watch this movie. The comic timing is light and everyone acts well. Watch Two States as the feel good movie of New BollyWood 2014. Alia Bhatt is lovely, Arjun Kapoor decides to move his acting and facial muscles, and the veteran team of actors fits in the roles very very naturally. A good way to spend a few hours, and be amazed at the amazing diversity of India.

2states-700 (1)

Queen the Movie Review (Bollywood 2014)

This is a delicious movie meant to be savored by everyone. It shows how a stood up traditional bride decides to go on her planned honeymoon trip alone. Above all, it shows brown and yellow and white people and black people can have lots of fun together once they shed their stereotypes. Watch it for the lovely colors and nice acting. Great songs and great humor, which you can relate to especially if you are Punjabi /North India.

Go watch and dance with the Queen

2013 Thank You Note

I would like to write a thank you note to  some of the people who helped make Decisionstats.com possible . We had a total of 150,644 views this year.For that, I have to thank you dear readers for putting up with me- it is now our seventh year.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
13,940 12,153 12,948 13,371 12,778  12,085  12,894  11,934  9,914  14,764  12,907  10,956  150,644

I would like to thank Chris  (of Mashape) for helping me with some of the interviews I wrote here .I did 26 interviews this year for Programmable Web and a total of 30+ articles including the interviews in 2013.

Of course- we have now reached 116 excellent interviews on Decisionstats.com alone ( see http://goo.gl/V6UsCG )I would like to thank each one of the interviewees who took precious time to fill out the questions.

Sponsors- I would like to thank Dr Eric Siegel ( individually as an author and as founder chair of www.pawcon.com ) , Nadja and Ingo (for Rapid-Miner) , Dr Jonathan ( for Datamind) , Chris M (for Statace.com ) , Gergely ( Author) and many more during all these six years who have kept us afloat and the servers warm in these days of cold reflection, including Gregory (of KDNuggets.com) and erstwhile AsterData founders.

Training Partners- I would like to thank Lovleen Bhatia ( of Edureka  for giving me the opportunity to make http://www.edureka.in/r-for-analytics which now has 1721 learners as per http://www.edureka.in/)

I would also specially say Thank you to Jigsaw Academy for giving me the opportunity to create
the first affordable and quality R course in Asia http://analyticstraining.com/2013/jigsaw-completes-training-of-300-students-on-r/

These training courses including those by Datamind and Coursera remain a formidable and affordable alternative to many others catching up in the analytics education game in India ( an issue I wrote here)

Each and Everyone of my students (past and present) and Everyone in the #rstats  and SAS-L community, including people who may have been left out.

Thank you sir, for helping me and Decisionstats.com !

Wish each one of you a very happy and Joyous Happy New Year and a great and prosperous 2014!

Desi Movie Review- Dhoom 3

This is Bollywood’s take and tribute to Christopher Nolan. With the finest acting ensemble of Aamir Khan and Bachhan Jr, a plot borrowed half from The Prestige , The Dark Knight and a whole lot of buddy cop- biker gangsta bromance- I loved this movie! That ‘s how nicely they mix the masala together and make it all magically real . When East meets West- magic can happen especially in the movies ( and quite literally in the case of the dancing of  Anglo-Indian actress Katrina Kaif)

Go watch it- it’s a splendid year ending movie to watch with your family


Movie Review- Thor 2

This is Hollywood at it’s intellectual best. Natalie Portman, geeky queen of hearts ( since V for Vendetta and Star Wars 1-3) reunites with beefy actor Hemsworth (he of the Star Trek cameo ) , fellow Oscar winner Anthony ” The Hannibal” Odin Hopkins, and a full array of CGI to bring the old Norse God some real new meaning. Natalie is beginning to look a bit frail though.

Very entertaining and very light on brain movie. Unfortunately for Thor, Loki steals the show every time. Loki is a much better actor too and his presence tells us this will not be the last we see of feuding brothers

Oh yes, Asgard is lovely in this time of the year.

Thor 2 Second Trailer



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