Review Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

I love Mr Tom Cruise sense of humour. Shall we just call it his chutzpah. From the heavy VingĀ Rhames trying to catch the British rose in the wind, to the very dry raspy voice of the superb villian (perhaps the best) and Benji / Scotty doing one turn. One is only disappointed by the Hurt Locker /Avenger Guy/ Brett Ranner. I mean seriously dude, didnt you hear what they talked about you in Birdman.

And the scenes are lovely. But I wish John Woo directed this one too. Writing was much better this time.

Alec Baldwin reminds us why we love twinkling Irish eyes in our actors.

Go see this one people.

Hackeristan is the new rogue nation and when hackers unite despotic governments shall tremble.



Mad Max Movie Review : Why Fury Road is so awesome

  1. They didnot use computer generated effects, they used human generated effects.
  2. They made sure 3D was actually realistic and not just a rip off to charge more money.
  3. Tom Hardy and Theron are awesome actors. So are Hoult. No the splendid wifey was not a splendid actress again.
  4. The same director and the same villain as 1979! movie
  5. Design ! Design !
  6. Witness the V8 riding off to Valhalla.
  7. The sound track was actually appropriate to the context and delivered!
  8. Double guitar throwing flames from a guitarist suspended in air in a truck full of speakers and drum players!
  9. Mechanical Engineering is much more cool than Computer Science engineering in terms of visual effects :-p
  10. I wish Mel Gibson had made a cameo. or Tina Turner!

Movie Review Fast and Furious 7 Times Lucky

23#The Seventh Movie in a franchise and yet it scores high in ooh aah moments of car chases, crashes, stunts and surprisingly even the emotional content and appeal. This one is a true send off for the beloved Paul Walker with Vin Diesel, Rocky, Jason Statham, and pals making this the start of a hot hot summer movie season. Oh yeah and watch how they top the MI4/Tom Cruise stunt in Burz Khalifa and how O ConnerĀ  gets the best send off in a movie since the Joker ended with an Oscar.