Random Thoughts on Cryptography

Some random thoughts while taking a walk in the park-az1

1) The inevitability of interception- Sooner or later, encrypted messages will be captured.

2) The cost of decryption- Decryption is inevitable. All the coder can do is increase the cost (time, money and computation) to the enemy

3) Signal/Noise- Introducing multiple algorithms to create random noise messages can increase the cost of decryption but reduce the probability of interception.  The technologically weaker player should introduce more noise to distort the signal/noise ratio knowing the messages are being intercepted anyways ( especially electronic, radio or digital)

4) Intercepted flag- Interception takes time. Flags to capture interception shall help coders in knowing which messages have been intercepted and which not. This of course can be manipulated by the interceptor.

5) Turing is not God- You can use pictures, use Navajo slang, poetry code in the same message. Maybe change the code from binary to something else.cryptography

6) Kill all the decryptographers- Focusing on the personnel of the enemy can help increase the cost of decryption.

(yawns and shrugs)


Teaching Blogging and Social Media Analytics

I am holding a workshop near my residence in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi, India

It is to teach Marketing via Internet, Branding via Blogging and other fun stuff to make money while having fun on the internet.

Here is the event


A 2 hour Workshop on Web Analytics and Social Media Analytics
By Ajay Ohri, Founder of DecisionStats and a Technology expert with two published books and blogs with lakhs of views.
10th April 2015, Friday
Venue: Hauz Khas Village

Learn Blogging
Spread your credentials to the entire world by Blogging! It becomes easy for professionals to prove their worth by showing their knowledge through their blog. A good blog earns money too. It definitely acts as your launching pad in the world.

Build Effective Profiles
93% of recruiters review social profiles of candidates while recruiting. Learn how to build awesome profiles on LinkedIn.

Web Analytics (Google Analytics) – Measure your traffic in websites. Improve your web traffic through organic Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (Adwords).

What’s More?
Learn how to Run Marketing Campaigns on Twitter & Facebook Pages Facebook can help make and succeed businesses through it’s marketing features.Use Twitter hashtags and campaigns for promoting your product.
Step into a world of unlimited possibilities by a digital analyst training.

Entry fee: Rs 100 per person (Student I card) Rs 200 (normal)

Register :http://bit.ly/decisionstats
Contact: Sonam Tuteja – 9999659616 decisionstats2015@gmail.com