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Workspaces as a Concept


By DecisionStats Research Team

What if you don’t feel like working at home anymore or you think that you are not very efficient while working at home or your parents who are used to seeing you going out and working are not excited to see you at home throughout the day or you yourself want for some change and you long for human interactions? I myself had many of these questions and a desire for such a place which is not an office but a workplace where I can work at my own pace and socialize as well. And here it is the arrival of WORKSPACE, exactly what I wanted. Workspace is a shared space for a working style called Co-working wherein individuals from different companies work together. It is also known as Co-working hub. The term co-working was coined by Brad Neuberg in 2005 and he originally called this style “9 to 5 group”. The concept aims at creating a social, collaborative, less distracting informal work setting for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Since many years, the coffee shops all across the country have catered this need of individuals subtly but now the workspaces are formally inviting these people to come for work, idea generation, networking and discussions.

In today’s digital world, people are online most of the time and those who are working on their own need some tangible human interactions. Workspaces are an attempt to bridge social isolation and bring back the energy, the bonds, the happiness and the laughter of togetherness. Today, co-working spaces exist worldwide, with many locations all across the globe. The concept is fast catching up in India as well, especially in metro cities where it is quite expensive to own a private office space and this option is very easy on the pockets. Also the majority demographic profile of our country, of below 35 years of age, prefers this working style more than a serious office setting.

In terms of facilities, these workspaces are offering almost all that is available in regular offices – workstations, storage cabins, air conditioning, internet access, pantry, cafeterias, conference rooms with projector, movie or game rooms, lounge areas, administrative and technical support, reception area, day care for kids, events, DJ, music etc.

So what is positive about these workspaces is that this setting is easy on mind by being informal, relaxed and no competition among peers. The concept fosters collaboration, sharing, effective work, constructive thoughts, creativity, learning and experience.

Some of the Co-working Spaces in Delhi are listed below:

  1. socialoffline.in

Social Offline, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi. Price: INR 5,000 a month for 1 seat that is redeemable for food and drinks, hello@socialoffline.in.

  1. coworkable.com

The Studio, E Block, Kalkaji, New Delhi, Delhi, India., Price: INR 5500 per month (1 seat)

Contact: 098 18 306050

  1. 91springboard.com

91Springboard, B-1/H-3, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi, India, Price: INR 7499 per month (1 seat), delhi@91springboard.com.

  1. moonlighting.in

Moonlighting, 19 Hemkunt Colony, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi, India, Price: INR 6900 per month (1 seat), delhi.hosts@moonlighting.in, Contact: 097165 87873

  1. stirringminds.com

Stirring Minds, Central Delhi. One of its biggest attractions is its location right in the middle of hustle and bustle of the city. A-2/3 Asaf Ali Road, Next to Delhi Stock Exchange, New Delhi, 110002, Price: INR 7999 per month (1 seat), info@stirringminds.com. Contact: 01146105679, or at 9999105679

And some Co-working Spaces in Gurgaon,

  1. experiamedia.com

9JCM, Experia Media, 2nd Floor, 9 Jacaranda Marg, DLF City Phase 2, Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Price: Free for the first month, then INR 5500 per month (1 seat), info@experiamedia.com.

  1. 91springboard.com

91 Springboard, sector 18 Gurgaon, Price: INR 7499 per month (1 seat), delhi@91springboard.com.

  1. inhwabusinesscentre.com

Inhwa Business Centre, Gurgaon, Price: INR 11500 per month (1 seat), info@inhwabusiness centre.com.

Contact: 919818701326, +91 124 493 0777

  1. investopad.com

Investopad, Gurgaon, Price: INR 8000 per month (1 seat), hello@investopad.com.

Do watch out the upcoming articles, the authors will be reviewing these places and sharing their feedback with the readers on mostly all of them.

Yoga for Geeks

I have been doing Yoga for the past two weeks and the results are great. Here I reproduce some of these ancient Indian exercises which can hopefully help you. Note- yoga is thousands of years old and there is no copyright !





Learning and Teaching R #rstats

a brief ppt I made for the New Delhi Meetup Group http://www.meetup.com/New-Delhi-R-UseR-Group/

The inevitable weaponization of the weather


Reasons I think weaponization of the weather (or climate) is inevitable

1) The weather is an inter connected system with many zero sum scenarios to nation states. This includes sharing of water resources and moving manufacturing in offshore locations

2) As climate change effects gradually cause increase variance in climate, this will lead to added hardship for populations. The economics branch of mechanism design might be better suited to simulate what a few degrees more or less in temperature will lead to riots, happier populations, economic stimuli just as agricultural studies focus on rainfall prediction, crop prediction etc.

3) Nation states have always had weaponry on a game theory basis. The weather being an interconnected system can be both dampened and enhanced in it’s adverse variance by man made means, and the interconnectedness can ensure deniability . Example a man made out of time El Nino effect can hamper rainfall in Indian monsoons and bring change in politics in that democracy

I still hope nations do not weaponize the weather. Unfortunately I am quite sure some of them are already thinking of both predictive and defensive mechanisms for countering climate change without any thought of how this affects other countries.


(This is continued from http://decisionstats.com/2011/05/24/weather-modifying-weapons/ ,  http://decisionstats.com/2011/05/08/weather-weapons/ , http://decisionstats.com/2010/01/20/dude-wheres-my-water/,  http://decisionstats.com/2010/01/05/climate-die-oxide/ and http://decisionstats.com/2008/11/17/carbon-footprints-in-the-snow/

A lot of my earlier writings on weaponization of weather have been marked more by conceptual theories, added tit bits and a wee bit of creativity. I apologize for the immature lack of scholarly rigor in earlier writings as I work alone to refine my skills. )


Decision Making in the era of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Science and R

a talk I gave at IIT Delhi at Department of Management Studies to doctoral students is uploaded here

India and R #rstats

While India is downloading a lot of R packages, it seems only one Indian (?) has ever gone to a UseR annual conference- the latest being in LA http://user2014.stat.ucla.edu/#registration despite India having a huge hub of analytics talent. (and even impressive number of official SAS certifications)

Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.11.04

But seriously just one attendee. With so many downloads and so many R Blogger visits?


Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.11.11 Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.07.09

Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.08.29


The lovely cartograms from the brilliant Rapporter team here

You need to hover to get the data by country

You can see the app here and http://rapporter.net/custom/R-activity/#CRAN_all/6

Clearly this is not true as many people of Indian origin do contribute to the R program, however the country wide demographics suggest that the R project is clearly a Western (and not a truly global endeavour) . Maybe the R foundation can try moving the conference a bit more Eastern (hemisphere wise)- or maybe the digital divide is just a practical way of the world order.

Unless China creates a fork of R ;)


Talking on Analytics

I will be talking to doctoral and MBA students at IIT Delhi on May 10. The talk is Data Analytics and Cloud Computing and will be there for 2 hours, but will be much more broad ranging than that including touching on HR Analytics and Data Science. If you are local to Delhi around this date- you can contact me in case you want to attend in person.



In this talk we will discuss big data analytics including Hadoop and R, and the emergence of Cloud Computing. The focus will be on introducing fast changing technologies and what it means for enterprises and researchers.  We will also cover data science as potential career paths.




Ajay Ohri is the founder of Decisionstats.com and author of R for Business Analytics. You can connect with him on http://linkedIn.com/in/ajayohri


Earlier Talks -




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