Interesting IBM event at Cercles Delhi

I was there on June 10 to attend the hands-on-session cum event for IBM’s PaaS offering IBM Bluemix. The event took place at which is a relatively new startup coworking space in Hauz Khas Village Delhi. Since this was just 5 minute walk from where I currently live, I attended along with an intern and a colleague of my new training company The event was nicely organized, the infrastructure was good, the speakers were quite awesome. To read what really happened you can see the summary at the clouddelhi hashtag.

One thing I noticed R is not really given as much attention in Bluemix. I particularly found IBM Watson APIs (which are RESTful) to be a great case for #rstats packages .

Bluemix has a nice interface, and they are offering 30 day free which is quite low compared to 1 yr of AWS. IBM is focussed on hybrid cloud for enterprises and opportunities for people like us depend on becoming ISV (Independent Software Vendors) or Partners in the IBM ecosystem

Fortunately I didnt have to speak. I liked Cercles well enough to book a seat for my startup  for the next month something which I have not done so despite considering two-three other co-working hubs in the past in Delhi-Gurgaon.

An additional thing was Woman in Tech as a theme. I found some of the reactions interesting there. Perhaps Governments need to adopt the Woman in Tech theme, but they seem ignorant and uninformed as corporations try to tweak their policies to gain and retain talent, than advise policy makers to help create a better ecosystem. CG_ch8dWoAAsTmR

Teaching Blogging and Social Media Analytics

I am holding a workshop near my residence in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi, India

It is to teach Marketing via Internet, Branding via Blogging and other fun stuff to make money while having fun on the internet.

Here is the event

A 2 hour Workshop on Web Analytics and Social Media Analytics
By Ajay Ohri, Founder of DecisionStats and a Technology expert with two published books and blogs with lakhs of views.
10th April 2015, Friday
Venue: Hauz Khas Village

Learn Blogging
Spread your credentials to the entire world by Blogging! It becomes easy for professionals to prove their worth by showing their knowledge through their blog. A good blog earns money too. It definitely acts as your launching pad in the world.

Build Effective Profiles
93% of recruiters review social profiles of candidates while recruiting. Learn how to build awesome profiles on LinkedIn.

Web Analytics (Google Analytics) – Measure your traffic in websites. Improve your web traffic through organic Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (Adwords).

What’s More?
Learn how to Run Marketing Campaigns on Twitter & Facebook Pages Facebook can help make and succeed businesses through it’s marketing features.Use Twitter hashtags and campaigns for promoting your product.
Step into a world of unlimited possibilities by a digital analyst training.

Entry fee: Rs 100 per person (Student I card) Rs 200 (normal)

Register :
Contact: Sonam Tuteja – 9999659616



using R for Cricket Analysis #rstats

New Zealand just made it to their first ever world cup final ( yes it is cricket) and they made it with a thrilling six ( like a home run) for the last ball. Congrats to New Zealand .Of course R was created in New Zealand too and Hadley Wickham is from New Zealand

I recently installed the rvest package from and its now on CRAN as well


rvest helps you scrape information from web pages. It is designed to work with magrittr to make it easy to express common web scraping tasks, inspired by libraries like beautiful soup.

lego_movie <- html("")

rating <- lego_movie %>% 
  html_nodes("strong span") %>%
  html_text() %>%
#> [1] 7.9

cast <- lego_movie %>%
  html_nodes("#titleCast .itemprop span") %>%
#>  [1] "Will Arnett"     "Elizabeth Banks" "Craig Berry"    
#>  [4] "Alison Brie"     "David Burrows"   "Anthony Daniels"
#>  [7] "Charlie Day"     "Amanda Farinos"  "Keith Ferguson" 
#> [10] "Will Ferrell"    "Will Forte"      "Dave Franco"    
#> [13] "Morgan Freeman"  "Todd Hansen"     "Jonah Hill"

poster <- lego_movie %>%
  html_nodes("#img_primary img") %>%
#> [1] ""

The most important functions in rvest are:

  • Create an html document from a url, a file on disk or a string containing html with html().
  • Select parts of a document using css selectors: html_nodes(doc, "table td") (or if you’ve a glutton for punishment, use xpath selectors with html_nodes(doc, xpath = "//table//td")). If you haven’t heard of selectorgadget, make sure to read vignette("selectorgadget") to learn about it.
  • Extract components with html_tag() (the name of the tag), html_text() (all text inside the tag), html_attr() (contents of a single attribute) and html_attrs() (all attributes).
  • (You can also use rvest with XML files: parse with xml(), then extract components using xml_node(), xml_attr(), xml_attrs(), xml_text() and xml_tag().)
  • Parse tables into data frames with html_table().
  • Extract, modify and submit forms with html_form(), set_values() and submit_form().
  • Detect and repair encoding problems with guess_encoding() and repair_encoding().
  • Navigate around a website as if you’re in a browser with html_session(), jump_to(), follow_link(), back(), forward(), submit_form() and so on. (This is still a work in progress, so I’d love your feedback.)


While Hadley Wickham seems busy with reading excel files ( see maybe using rvest can help in more sports analysis now!

Meanwhile I am searching for equivalent of readHTMLtable